Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 27

enough" and then take action. Fail fast. The point is to see quickly before more time, money and energy is wasted if the plan is going to deliver results, and if not take fast action. As an entrepreneur when it comes time to execute, it just needs to be "good enough". That means you need to execute sometimes before you feel you are ready, before it is perfect. In my work with female entrepre- neurs I see so many “wait until it is perfect” and never implement. Waiting for “perfect” becomes the standard excuse for not pull- ing the trigger and taking action. It will never be “perfect”, so made it good enough to get the results, and execute. Sometimes you have to execute before you feel ready. GET COMFORTABLE WITH PIVOTING IN BUSINESS If you have faced similar set- backs in your business lately, I hope my lessons learned will encourage you. From my years of studying entrepreneurs and working with some of the biggest entrepreneur influencers, being able to pivot in business is the ninja skill of the successful. Get comfortable with pivoting in business. In the long run, it will be the difference in success or failure, AND the difference between crushing your goals and not.  About the Author Cheryl Mauldin is a Business Strategy Coach, Speaker, and the Founder of Elite Women in Business, where she helps women in their 40’s and 50’s leave their burned-out 9-to-5 and create the business and life of their dreams. She is author of the book, “How To Fire Your Boss & Start a Business…After 40“. Cheryl is passionate about helping women step into their purpose, create impact in the world and create a legacy they can be proud of. When she is not busy growing her business- es, Cheryl loves to spend time with her beautiful daughters, travel, and create digital art.     26