Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 22

ones that will get the most attention and praise. (Lookin' at you Prime Minister Trudeau - forget the photo ops, let's get some real work done.) We can no longer look down our collective noses at the testosterone-poi- soned Neanderthals who would oppress, abuse or otherwise dis- miss members of the laughably inaccurately-labeled "weaker sex." The time has come for us to speak up when we encounter sexism, racism or any other be- haviour that assaults the rights of others to live their lives in peace. It's time to teach our children, not just directly, but indirectly, about the dangers of hate. It's one thing to tell children that they can be anything they want, but then say nothing when you see racism or sexism happening in front of you. Make no mistake, young children not only under- stand, they remember. It's time to pay attention to the media that surrounds us, not just the news, but the marketing. We all suspect that beauty product marketing undermines young girl's confidence. "If you don't use this product, you'll be ugly/hor- rible/broken." However, imagine what it tells young boys... "Girls are vain and only 'of value' when they fit societal standards of beauty." Having said that, you will ex- perience blowback. Just a few nights ago I had to listen for ten minutes to a... "person" ranting about how he wanted to "destroy social justice warriors as the vermin they are" because they fight for a "mythical 'wage gap' which doesn't really exist." I was so angry I had to leave the room. I'm ashamed of that behaviour. I should have calmed myself and stayed, possibly even injecting some degree of reason (not to mention reality) into the Never- land this particular bright spark seemed to be living in. As you can see, I have a ways to go as well. You'll find no ivory towers in my world. Dear reader, it’s time to educate those around us. Friends, family, coworkers. Not out of smugness or some misguided sense of mor- al superiority, but out of love. Hate and cruelty have had their time at the podium. No longer can those of us who believe in human decency live in silence. It's time for love to make itself heard. ο£Ώ About the Author Mackenzie Clench is a writer, creative instigator, author, agent provocateur and part-time Lord of the Dance. He's also the CEO, Scribbler and Fuss Maker in Chief of Mackenzie Clench Creative, helping entrepreneur-shaped humans refine their messaging to draw a through-line from the heart of their business to the heart of the clients. Mackenzie regularly kicks over the apple cart of "that's-the-way- it's-always-been-done" and ₯ٕ́ё”½ΑεέΙ₯Ρ₯Ήœ½Ή½Ν•ΉΡ”…Έ΄)•ΥΙέ͡½Έ„Ή•…ɱ䁑…₯±δ‰…Ν₯ΜΈ!”‰•±₯•Ω•ΜΡ‘…Π€Δ€¬€Δ€τ€Μ°έ½΅•Έ)…Ι”Ρ‘”™ΥΡΥΙ”…ΉΡ‘…Ёё”½½±•ΝЁ‘₯Ή½Ν…Υȁ₯́ё”Ρ‘•Ν…ΥΙΥΜΈ!”Μ)ΥΙΙ•ΉΡ±δ½Έ„΅₯ΝΝ₯½ΈΡΌΝ‘½άΡ‘…Ё•Ω•ΙδΝ₯Ή±”‘Υ΅…Έ΅Ν‘…Α•)‘Υ΅…Έ½ΈΡ‘₯́‰₯œ‰±Υ”΅…Ι‰±”₯́„έ…±­₯Ήœ°Ρ…±­₯Ήœ°±…ΡΡ”΅Ν₯ΑΑ₯Ήœ)•Ή₯Ή”½˜Ι•…Ρ₯½ΈΈ ½ΉΡΙ…ΙδΡΌΙΥ΅½ΥΙΜ°5…­•Ήι₯” ±•Ή ₯́Ή½Π) …Ρ΅…Έ°‰ΥЁ‘”έ₯Ν‘•Μ‘”έ…ΜΈ ”•ΉΡ±”Έ)΅…­•Ήι₯•±•Ή Ή½΄+Ύ20ƒΎ20ƒΎ2$(ΘΔ