Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 17

“This is good because...” I read this as a small line in Jen Sincero’s fun and insightful best seller “You Are a Badass: how to stop doubting your greatness and start living your awesome life”. She was explaining how to shift from a negative mood into a genuine good mood, or let’s be honest, at least a less sucky mood. Within these four little words you’ll find a powerful technique to reframe your perspective and to reshape a negative mood. For the record, can I tell you that I am 100% NOT a Life Coach but after years of yoga and yoga teacher training, parenthood and marriage and life, I’m going to go ahead and call myself expert on bad moods. Sometimes this is a running commentary below the surface of our consciousness. When we hear it and realize we’re hearing git, then stop and reframe the situation. This mood hack works with situations both minor and petty and even heart breaking. Why? Because if you can reframe a situation, you’ve reframed the perspective and meaning o f the entire experience. With the big ones it does take longer. A lot longer. But you can usually get there. I can’t see a freakin’ silver lining to this cloud because it’s actually a funnel cloud F5 twister like the finger of god coming down to smite me. Deep breath. This is good be- cause… Your teenage daughter is arrested for a DUI. (Totally hypothetical. My daughter is 5.) This is good because she didn’t kill anyone while driving. This is good because she didn’t die in her car. This is good because I won’t have to pay for her car insurance anymore (because she’s losing her license) This is good because this is a powerful life lesson that she re- fused to listen from me and now she’s learned it the hard way. my mechanic that the mechan- ic was ripping me off and that I should go to his transmission guy. He was very convincing and I hesitated, but I decided to go with my gut and stick with my mechanic. It ended up not being the trans- mission. My mechanic researched it and discovered that the $3,000 part was under a manufacturer re- call and then he had it towed to the dealership where it could be serviced for free. The dealership discovered that I had received but not acted on TWO safety recall letters (I had It can take a long time and go a change of address where it was ahead and let them start snarky lost). The more important recall and bitter as long as you make that I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT each line a bit better. Here’s the was the brakes. He said it was so secret. Keep going until it FEELS good that this happened because AUTHENTIC AND GENUINE. my brakes literally could have Keep writing until you finally failed. reach something that triggers a sense of relief and gratitude. I was going to take a solo road trip with my kids the week later. You may have to dig DEEP. It may only work after more time This is good because…well de- has passed. spite the convenience. This was good because of everything. I just Sometimes you may not find out couldn’t see it right away. the answer to something until much later. Let’s say that your best friend found a lump in her breast and For example, I have a great car not only is it cancer, but it’s the but one day while driving my aggressive kind and she’ll need husband to the airport, a cloud of surgery, chemo and radiation. smoke billowed out of my engine (This happened to my best friend and the transmission seized. this year.) My husband jumped out on the side of the freeway and took an This is good because at least she Uber to the airport while my has great insurance and her hus- preschooler and I waited for the band is a nurse. tow truck. The tow truck driver This is good because she got her pleaded with me on the way to mammogram as scheduled and 16