Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 10

and research is showing it being stronger and stronger everyday; so if your mind is in a bit of a frozen state, chances are your body has also gotten complacent. If you’re a runner, go get in a cycling class. If you’re a yogi, maybe find a place that does aerial yoga. It can really be whatever you want. Just so long as it’s something you haven’t done or haven’t done in a while. You’ll quickly get a new perspec- tive and get your brain firing off neurons in a new way and likely blazing a trail for creativity to flow. Another route you could try is to simply develop a list of things that have helped you break out of a creative rut before that you can utilize. The most common things I’ve seen clients cite as being helpful include things as simple as going for a walk, changing the music they’ve been listening to, and looking at other people’s art from anywhere like a museum or even Pinterest. Personally, I’m a fan of switching up workouts. The handy thing with a list is they can start from the easiest or most accessible options first. start to think of the block in a bigger picture way and make changes from there. Something like that can help you know if perhaps it’s time to get anoth- er perspective from an outside source like a book, podcast, or even coach to help get through the block. Then, if those initial and easy items don’t work, they clients  About the Author Hi, I'm Dez. I’m a Life and Business Coach for creative, driven, and restless quarter-life women who know they are meant for more; who are ready speak up, drop the excuses and work through the noise to embrace the moment and own their future. I help my clients develop confidence, reduce anxiety, improve communication, heal relationships, and create clarity and strategy for their next steps in whatever area(s) of life they want to improve.    9