Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 66

to working from home and earn- ing twice my original salary, in a mere few years. Tarot is presumed a dark art- it isn’t. It’s a commu- nication with the world that is two way, and helpful. It’s a highlighter scored across the big stuff- love, career, life and personal empow- erment. comes easy, and effortless. You become a type of ‘channel’, where information will arrive, just by looking at them. And you’ll see what’s ahead, and where you fit. You can change your whole life by simply noticing what matters to you, and the tarot helps, gently, to direct you the right way. Within a week of this, I secured a perfect new job. Within a year, I was engaged to my now-fiance. We get married in four months. And within two years, I was work- ing pretty much full-time, getting women back in touch with the only real source of power that matters. Themselves. Tarot gave me choices, not limits. Tarot showed me what was miss- ing, and I found it. I consider this work an intimate contact with the universe. A means of communicating with fate, and taking charge. We create our own destinies, the path is never fixed, and tarot shows you how you can grow, and change, and expand, with so little effort. Pull three cards every morning. Don’t worry too much about the meanings. They’re designed to trigger our own wisdom, and get us back in touch with ourselves. Over time, interpreting them be- In your three card draw, see the left card as feelings. The middle, a representation of what will hap- pen for you that day. There are no such thing as ‘negative’ cards, they’re simply spelling out aspects of yourself, so no harm can come, from beginning to read them. The third card represents actions. What you’ll be called to do, and how. It’s easy. They speak to us on a level different to logic, opening up our own ability to choose, and be chosen. Every single person on this earth has the potential to reach real greatness, it simply takes a minute or two of ‘unplugging’ from the speed of our days. If you’d like to learn the magic of tarot for yourself, check out Brigid Banrion on Facebook, or join ‘The Secret Circle’, her VIP Member- ship group for smart, empowered w QeɔЁԸ])ɕeЁ䁑ɕи=ݗeٔ)хɝȁٕ̰ɕ)܁݅+"d) ɥݽɭ́ݥѠѡչٕ͔ɝ䁅хɽаѼɽ٥Ʌє٥)ፕɑ䁡յ̸!ȁͥЁ́ѠɅݕݸ)٥ɕչɕ̰́ɽٕȁݕ䵕ЁɕЁչɥ)ݽɱݥḾɕѱѕȁ፱ͥٔѡ䁥QMɕ) ɍɥѥѼ͡ɔȁɥḾٕѡЁեѥٔ)ݕȁ́ѡ٥ѡɥЁٕݽ)́ɽٕѥѡЁѡ́́Ք+a]ٔɝѕݡݔɔ%Ё́ɽѼ́ɕȻd) ɥ ɥ()ɥɥլ