Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 65

I was working in a powerful Fash- ion PR firm in 2008. It was the kind of heady, eclectic and excit- ing career, which could transform a person’s life, if they let it. But I was- in no uncertain terms-miser- able. I was bored, overworked and exhausted. I didn’t see purpose or meaning in the role. What should have excited me- celebrity events, photoshoots, press releases- just left me feeling flat, and I was los- ing track of who I was, as a result. I changed so much, in such a short time, that I knew I had to do some- thing drastic. One day, after yet another piece of coverage went missing, and yet another argument with an apo- plectic Creative Director in a leop- ard print shirt, I handed in my no- tice and left. In one day, I shattered my entire life. In the week that followed, I broke it off with a long-term, by all means eligible partner, I found myself back in the lilac-painted, fluffy little spare room in my par- ent’s house, at the age of twenty two. self. I saw messages which spoke to me deeply. I saw the weaving disaster of my past, and crucially, within them, I found a way out. Within a week, I was reading friends and family with total and absolute accuracy. They were sneaking me through the back door when their husbands and boyfriends weren’t home. Living in rural Catholic Northern Ireland, this type of en- tertainment was taboo, to say the least. But more people kept com- ing, and word got around. As soon as I sat with someone, words and images would arrive in my mind, at an incredible rate. I even pulled three cards for myself every morn- ing, and found tarot was, in no un- certain terms, giving me power I didn’t know I had. It was a ‘hot line to higher realms’, that had more punch, more choice, and more power, than any thousand-strong media list ever could. I was suddenly, and entirely by ac- cident, in full and total control of my own life. I was able, through working with tarot, to see the pit- falls and extremities in my be- haviour in the past. I was able to reflect, every day, on a message of hope, choice and promise, which propelled me within a few short years, into one of the most prolific and exciting careers in the world. Fast forward ten years, and I’m ab- solutely killing it on the internet. I have my own online business, and a bank of regular clients- from ce- lebrities, doctors, company CEOs and even a group of backpackers who call me at every stop. I’ve read hundreds of people, from over twenty eight different coun- tries around the world, and now, I’m teaching other women how to work this magic for themselves. I went from being flustered, out of touch with myself, and dreaming By all accounts, I had failed as an adult. Angry at the universe for leading me to this, I did what any insensi- ble young lady would do. I want- ed a direct conversation with the world at large. I wanted reasons. I wanted choices. I wanted an- swers. So, on a precocious and frustrat- ed whim, I stomped my way to the local bookshop, and spent £8.99 on a pack of tarot cards. It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? From the very first draw, I saw my- 64