Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 57

I used to slut-shame my inner Love Goddess. And it sucked the magic right out of my life. Yes, yes, I’d say. I know you want the chocolate-covered strawber- ries and the Champagne and the bubble bath. But I’m in a hurry to get to my crappy job that I hate, and I don’t have the time. Or mon- ey. Maybe later we’ll have a beer and some potato chips. Yes, I know you’d like matching un- die sets. But it’s hard to justify the extra expense. Here, the bargain cotton bikinis I got at Wal-Mart are the same color as the bra. Kind of. At least they’re new. And clean. And skinny dipping sounds like fun, but we’re too old and fat for that now. Also a better boyfriend would be nice, but just be glad you have someone. At least he’s not gay like your ex-husband. And even if he takes you out to dinner when you’d rather go dancing, well, at least you’re not sitting home alone with the TV and the cat. Does any of this sound familiar? offer, you’re not going to do the powerful magic that will make your life amazing. Your body is the battery. If you’re not delighting your senses, you won’t be running at full power. And there’s more. Your own per- sonal energy forces won’t be able to attract love, money, beauty— you name it, you’re not going to get as much of it as you desire. I know that’s the opposite of what a lot of us were taught. Western religions don’t have much good to say about sensuality and sexuality. Especially women’s. And even the New Age movement gets judgy about physicality. I have rolled my eyes so many times at discussions about the most spir- itual” way to eat, move, heal and I swear to Goddess, even breathe, that I would not be a bit surprised to find I could lift weights with my eyelids. Think about it. If our highest pur- pose is to transcend our disgusting bodies and live only on the spiritu- al plane, why would we incarnate at all? Also, I refuse to take part in a spirituality that has an abusive re- lationship with my body and all the fun stuff it likes to do. That’s why I ran away to the woods to join the Pagans and Witches a long time ago. Even before it was cool. And it’s why I’ve created the Empress Program. It’s a nine- week program that fuses living deliciously with ancient feminine magic. Nine weeks to more love, more money, more personal pow- er and purpose. It’s launching this May—the perfect time to start connecting with your Divine physical self. To live deli- ciously. It’s written in the stars, with the Sun moving into sensual, luxu- ry-loving Taurus. And in mid-May, revolution planet Uranus shifts into Taurus for a seven-year stay. Plus, May 1 (or 5, depending on your preferences) is the Pagan holiday of Beltane. Beltane is all about the joys of the flesh. It’s the time the Goddess in- side us wants to stop and smell the Are you also telling that part of yourself that wants a magical life of beauty and love, sensuality and luxury, that she should settle? That she wants too much? And then—then—do you wonder why there’s no magic in your life? Why you’re not manifesting the love of your life? Or getting your business off the ground? Or break- ing through to the new levels of joy that are your birthright? Do you wonder why you can’t even pin- point your purpose? Or find the personal power to step into it? If you’re not enjoying all the phys- ical pleasures the world has to 56