Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 53

H ow amazing is it, that some- thing as epic as the earth’s oceans are controlled by a celestial entity that is so stunning- ly present, yet so far beyond our reach? The moon has had everything to do with my spiritual rising and has helped me to trust in my own self-power. You can simply start to do the same, by tuning in and using the moon’s energy to bring out your intuitive and powerful self and learning to trust wholeheart- edly in you! Setting short and specific inten- tions at the beginning of each new moon is a remarkable way to re- claim some flow into your world. At the beginning of a new moon cycle you can call on the energy of the moon to gain spiritual support in any aspect of your life. I have been tuning into the moon for an eternity. For me, it all started with the simple acknowledgment of the moon’s powerful energy, but I now have an undeniably, potent and pure connection to the moon. I had my first experience of set- ting a moon intention some years ago and very quickly discovered how powerful intention setting can be. At the time, I was newly married and desperate for a child. I had been trying to fall pregnant for over a year and it just wasn’t happening. My intuition, and some other feeling unbeknown to me, kept assuring me that it was going to happen. I KNEW my daughter was coming but despite my best efforts, I was still uncertain and not falling pregnant was causing great pressure and stress on me and ev- erything around me. My world was falling apart, and things in my life were not aligned with my true de- sires. I found myself yearning for a new and different life. I desper- ately wanted change, contentment and clarity. Unbeknownst to me, my heart and soul, and something else out there, had big plans for me. Fortunately for me, a spiritu- al mentor suggested that I wr ite some intentions down at the new moon. Whilst I had been reading oracle cards for years, it had nev- er occurred to me to use the moon to help set intentions and manifest my desires. In hindsight, I won- dered how I had overlooked the obvious for so long?! I grabbed a pen and caressed the pages of my journal with words that crashed like celestial waves on the shore- line. My moon request was “for babies, a move to the country, adventures with my man, serenity.” Without further contemplation, I gently bound the pages of my journal and placed it back on the shelf. By the next moon cycle, I was pregnant! In less than nine moon cycles, my baby girl arrived. 52