Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 50

Kathy Kassab Kathy Kassab is dedicated to helping women live more magical lives. Her witchy practice combines spiritual advancement, personal growth, practical magic, and delicious living. Her greatest act of magic was transforming her life. In one major manifestation spell, she went from living alone in a leaky, 600-square-foot apartment in a dodgy neighborhood to living with her own personal Prince Charming in a big house in a wealthy suburb. Her hobbies include getting in touch with her inner Love Goddess by: walking along the lake in a nearby park; relaxing at the local float spa or mani-pedi palace; and long, hot baths with Lush bath bombs, chocolate and champagne, and her husband. It’s all Divine. And it’s all part of creating the lives we were meant to live. Want to get in on the magical fun? Join her at the Suburban Housewitch Facebook group,  49