Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 5

they might not work for you. We all don’t have to win or fail at life the same way. 1- I read emails, notes, Facebook posts from people that have told me what an inspiration I am to them. In fact, I read one in particular that completely moves me to happy tears every time I read it. It’s from a complete stranger online and the letter starts- “Wow! All I can say is wow. You are one amazing BADASS chick”. She then goes on to write, “Samantha- I don’t know what you have been through on your journey to get where you are- to make Badassery Mag a thing- to live out a dream alongside a family and whatever life threw at you- but I am sure it was a lot- because as women we all have struggles to overcome”. This has become one of greatest why factors in creating a space for other women to rise. I read this and I’m instantly drawn back to my mission. 2- I do nothing. Seriously. When we start to feel like failures, we spiral really fast out of control. From pee and cleats to saving all the tigers. It goes from 0 to a million in a blink of an eye. I stop what I’m doing. I clear appointments on my calendar and take time to just be. I lay on the floor or on the couch and I literally do nothing. For a good solid hour, maybe more if I’ve hit the save the tigers stage. 3- I give it all to Gaia. That’s the woo-er in me, but I change my environment by getting out into the environment. I hike, I ride my bike, I feed the ducks by my house. I embrace the earth and I just let her take it all from me. It’s pure bliss to me. 4- I have fun. Sounds easy, but when you are classifying yourself as a failure, fun can be something you just energetically shove away. So force that shit down like cheap vodka if you have to. Go to a movie, dance around with your headphones in and just laugh. Just be stupid silly and childlike. This failure business, is okay and you are more than the success you think you must be. You are you and that’s pretty badass right now. XOXO, Samantha 4