Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 49

Kate Darnell Kate is a published author, meditation teacher, spiritual guide and moon goddess! She describes her first book, Letters To a Tibetan Monk, as thoughts shared with a fragment of her soul. Kate is wholly dedicated to supporting women to live in true alignment with their heart and soul's deepest desires. Kate's business, Gumboots By The Sea, is a place of love and healing and the vehicle by which Kate helps women connect to their own self- power through spiritually guided healing, empowerment, online meditation class- es, and online group and individual moon mentoring. Kate's passion is to infuse positivi- ty, abundance, flow, magic, love and joy in as many women's lives as possible. Kate's book, Letters To A Tibetan Monk, is available on Amazon and Lulu. For more infor- mation on what Kate does, check out her website - and enjoy exploring her offerings, book in for an online healing or empowerment session, or check out one of her courses including her newest moon course 'Moon Magic' which begins at the new moon on 14 June 2018. A deeply spiritual journey connecting to your own self-power using the magic energy of the moon and Kate's personal love and sup- port.   48