Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 46

shows clearly how home cooking was considered a woman’s duty. everyone, and I think we are all di- minished as a result. For the food companies, this be- came the ideal entry point for their prepackaged meals and oth- er supposedly time-saving prod- ucts. By having such a well defined audience, they could target their marketing efforts with an almost laser focus. Thankfully those defi- nitions have been blurred as we’ve moved inexorably (though not es- pecially quickly) away from such overtly sexist ideas. Now food companies who wish to sell more of their products focus on our modern busy schedules, entic- ing us with quick and tasty meals born from the miracle of modern science, and free of evils such as... flavour. Let me boil all this down (I'm on a roll with food puns it seems... and that's one too) to some thoughts in answer the question, "Why should everyone learn to cook?" All of this has done nothing to help encourage members of the XY chromosome club to put down the football or the remote and pick up a whisk or a spatula. The decline of cooking in general has made the kitchen alien territory for nearly Cooking creates a communal space in the kitchen where fami- ly and friends can contribute and bond socially. Teaching children to cook keeps time honoured recipes alive, and empowers them with vi- tal skills they can use as they grow older. Handling food directly con- nects us to nature, reminding us just how precious these resources truly are. Cooking also improves the quality of our food, for the sim- ple reason that our pantries do not contain the bizarre witch’s brew of chemical sweeteners, colouring and preservatives so obscure and recondite they're more likely to be found on a paint can. companies, is a powerful state- ment about our independence, and a way of taking back control of at least one aspect of our lives. Cooking after all, is a uniquely hu- man act. Michael Pollan said it best: "For is there any practice less selfish, any labor less alienated, any time less wasted, than preparing something delicious and nourishing for peo- ple you love?" Ladies and gentlehumans, turn off the television, put down the smartphone and pick up a whisk. Gather family and friends. Collect some fresh ingredients and try a dish you’ve never attempted be- fore. Whether it succeeds or fails, you’ll be better for it in the end. At the very least, you’ll be well fed.  Finally, the act of cooking, partic- ularly in this age of dominant food Mackenzie Clench is an author, creative instigator, agent provocateur and gen- eral-man-about-the-internet. He's also the CEO, Scribbler and Fuss Maker in Chief of Mackenzie Clench Creative, helping entrepreneur-shaped humans re- fine their messaging to draw a through-line from the heart of their business to the heart of the clients. Mackenzie’s current project is “Around the World in Eighty Sandwiches,” an Instagram-based culinary cavalcade of sandwiches from around the world. He is also attempting to parlay his linguistic legerde- main into a role as a food writer, since his culinary school dreams seem… un- likely at this point. Mackenzie Clench 45   