Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 45

M y dearest reader, you may think it odd to call cook- ing a dying art - after all, our televisions are festooned with cooking shows of all types, and bookstores overflow with cook- books and how to guides for ev- ery cuisine imaginable, including a few you didn’t know existed. Our internet cups runneth over with the opinions of foodies and imag- es of what is dreadfully referred to as, "food porn." However, the simple act of cooking IS dying, re- placed by the promise of fast, tasty “meals” provided by the corporate food giants. Those of us lucky enough to have grown up on home cooked meals will attest that while filling, most of the products provided by these companies can only be called “food” out of politeness rather than accuracy. This focus on fast and cheap meals to fuel our busy lives has reduced many people’s relationship to the kitchen to "the room with the microwave." I’ve recently finished reading author Michael Pollan’s book, "Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation." It's not a recipe book or how-to guide, but more of an exploration of the cultural, emotional, political and even spir- itual connection cooking has on all our lives. As someone with a voracious ap- petite for books and food (see what I did there?) I of course gravitated to Pollan's words. He delivers fascinating insights into the ways in which the large food companies have systematically worked to undermine the process of cooking for ourselves, mostly by playing on the “too busy” myth. He also explores those who refuse to give into the siren song of pre- made, pre-packaged and - pos- sibly in our future, pre-chewed - processed "stuff," products with the approximate nutritional value of packing foam and the shelf-life of uranium-238. It’s an incredible journey and highlights the real loss we experience in our lives by fu- eling ourse fW2vFf7BfB@֖7&vf&R&V6rBFR&W&F`V22&fVFǒFFP7Bf"&RFvR&VƗRW FW&v&B2vVBFF66V7BW2"v^( fRF66ЦV7FVBW'6VfW2g&FR7B`6r'rB6VVƖPv&( G'VFvW'( 2FR'&vB@F֗7F2BFVF7&VBЦ&ǒ6W7BGfW'F6VVG2bFPS26VBBॖ^( FR6B6Bw&0&6&Bw&F6&WWFRvFR6VG&2FVG&PBחFwvFW7B7&Pb'V6BFBN( 27BVvЦ&R6B42FP&W&FbVƗGfG7GVfg0FRF6Vg&67&F6W6pfVvWF&W2w&2VG2BWbЦW'FrV6R&WGvVVvRFw2fR6W'FǒЧ&fVB7BbגRg&VG0Bǒ6'WBVFr6BFBVFRvVFW&R27FFRfVVƖrbW6F7vVRF2b6rW VW"7F&VƖW2FFRFV`FR&6V"v66F&VPFw2bv6ffR֒Ц7&vfRvVvVWG0BFV2W"g&VG2FBP66FW&^( 2gFVv7`֖B7W'&6RFW6RFV2v&6b6W'6PFFRFVbFRF6V&Vr( v( 2F( FVvЦW7FǒBv2WfW"WBVFRF@6FfVǒ6rBFW"W6V@6&W2vW&R&VfW'&VBF2vЦ( 2v&&6RG&rvF6V6G&旦vǒG&"Ц666FBBW2P7&vR2B&vFǒ6VBF&Vv6RfBG2bFR7@C@