Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 41

I have always loved going fast. And I have always loved cars. I got my love of cars from my dad. He would take me to car shows, buy me Hot Wheel cars, and we would work on his cars together. I didn’t come from a racing fam- ily nor a wealthy family. I came from a Middle-Class Latino fami- ly. My parents came to this coun- try to obtain a better life. My mom is from Colombia and my dad is from Ecuador. We are a family of dreamers. My parents sacrificed a lot working two jobs, nights jobs, jobs no one likes to do. They did this to make sure my sister and I had food on the table, a roof over our heads, and a good education. Because we were not a racing family I didn’t know you could get into karting at a very young age. I also didn’t know that I could race just about any car. But that changed when I got my 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX. I have seen these cars used in Stage Ral- ly and thought that would be cool to get into. But talking to one of my friend’s friend who was in Rally he advised against it because he knew how I like to take care of my cars. He suggested autocross, it’s easy on the car, and shouldn’t be losing car parts, lol! If you haven’t heard of Autocross (Sometimes called Solo) I’ll explain. It’s a timed course usually in a parking lot. The course is made of a sea of cones. The way cones are positioned de- termine which way you go around them. Courses are set up the day of, they are always different. You get about 30 mins to walk the course to make a game plan. The courses are small the most you might go is 60 mph. Utah Region. After I was awarded the championship I was yearn- ing to go faster. I remember there were several times where I would be Autocrossing at Miller Motor- sports (now called Utah Motor- sports Campus) there was a group racing on the track. I found out it was called NASA (National Auto Sport Association). NASA has a four-level program called HPDE (High Performance Driver’s Edu- cation). After one graduates you get a Time Trial Racing License. I went through the program in about a season and half. I was getting bored of UMC and want- ed to challenge myself. I heard of a racing series called Global Time Attack that raced at different race tracks. In 2017 I joined the series and got 3 podium wins 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. During my journey I noticed that there were few wom- en in Autocross and even fewer on the Race Track. It’s no secret that there are not many women in racing, especially women of color. I quickly under- stood that visibility was very im- portant. I understood that if more and more girls and women saw me in my race car it could spark inspi- ration. I truly honestly believe that more women seeing other women in places that are male dominated that it could start a domino effect. We’ll soon start seeing more and more women in places that some feel like they “didn’t belong”. When the truth is gender does not de- fine your capabilities. Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean you can’t handle a race car just like a man. Only you define what you can and can’t do, no one else can. Don’t let them take that pow- er from you. Don’t even give them permission to try. I came up with the idea to start a blog and start writing about my experiences in racing. The reason for this was I wanted to share my story with those that have a pas- sion for racing but didn’t see peo- ple look like them represented in Motorsports. I wanted to show ladies how much fun and liberat- ing it really can be. For me racing is my ultimate express of who I really am, and I want to inspire other la- dies to do the same. There are four life lessons I learned on the race track. I encourage ev- eryone to be the race car driver for their life track. I was in Autocross for a few years, in 2014 I was DS Champion in the 40