Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 4

Letter from the Editor Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m winning at life. In fact sometimes, I have no idea what I’m even doing or why I’m even here. It’s normal to question ourselves as human beings and it’s even easier to do when all we see are these perfect Pinterest lives. Sometimes, I feel like I’m “that” mom. The one who’s kid smells like pee and doesn’t have the brand new cleats at soccer. The one who hasn’t made dinner at home all week and is trying to stay afloat. You know, “that” mom. Other days I feel like I’m on top of the world and can completely slay. Like literally if there was a dragon, I’d pull out my sword and suddenly know how to use it. Everything seems to magically fall into place and this manifesting word seems so easy. Of course I manifested that, I’m made of stardust, remember? This shit is just too easy. Then there’s every version of that in between space. Where you are up then you are down and then you are middle ground. I have something to say to you all- I’m a complete and total failure at so many things. I’m also a complete and total badass at so many other things. I don’t have to do it all. It’s funny how our energy can flow and be drawn to the list of things that we see as failures. That kid smelling like pee at soccer, that was my kid the other day. That dragon slaying, that was also me the other day. I can’t win every fight and sometimes I can’t slay every dragon. I just do the best I can do as a flawed human who understands underneath it all, I’m still pretty badass. I know that you have days like this too. Where you feel like you suck, but really you don’t at all. We don’t have to be the next Kim K or Gary V. I just GET to be Samantha Parker and you just GET to be you. That’s pretty badass. The next time you tell yourself you are failing at life, just pull yourself out of that deep dark hole. Throw yourself a rope ladder and climb on out. It’s okay to check out the view at the bottom, but it’s also ok to just peek inside really quick and then enjoy the view from the top. Here are four things I do when I’m stuck in the bottom without a flashlight and can’t get out. Just a quick and fair reminder. These are the things that I do and 3