Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 38

How can you not know where your life or business will take you next? It doesn’t matter how much time you spend planning out the next year, or even the next five years; as the journey you are on, can take you to places you that just can’t be planned for. ty magical place, and I’m fo- cused on delivering a memora- ble experience for every friend that stops by to share a glass of wine with us. I want people to remember the stories that were shared and the people that be- came friends as a result of tasting wines at Hazelfern." -Laura Laing “We think Hazelfern is a pret- With the concept of friends and family as the key to their vision, Hazelfern provide a unique con- sumer experience, where they are able to showcase their wines and create brand loyalty that com- pletes with the bigger brands. The small details of making an event intimate and unique means that the consumer experience at Ha- zelfern does not feel like a ‘sales experience’; something that is important to Laura. This is also why they have called their wine club, the Friends and Family Club. The winery is open via appoint- ment Friday to Sunday, where visitors are able to experience what this winery has to offer. If you live in the area, you should visit Hazelfern Cellars on May 5, for their Rosé Release Par- ty: Derby DeMayo; an event that has all of the elements you would expect from a party.  We started our wine craft in 2006 while making five gallons at a time in our Portland, Oregon basement on the former (circa 1895) site of Hazel Fern Farms. In 2014, we had a quarter-life crisis and packe