Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 37

A bottle of wine should be the centerpiece of a ta- ble, whenever friends and family come together. The occa- sion could be a birthday, Thanks- giving or Christmas; but also, the more tragic events where fami- ly should come together around a table in celebration. A bottle of wine might also be the way you relax of an evening at the kitch- en table and have a conversa- tion once the children are in bed. These are the types of experiences that husband and wife team; Lau- ra and Bryan from Hazelfern Cel- lars envision that they deliver from their family-run winery in Portland. When Laura and Bryan met in 2006, their shared love of wine turned into a passion-based hob- by of wine making from their driveway; where they produced two-hundred cases. When an event made Laura and Bryan look at their life; they found that they no longer in a place where fear was holding them back. With the removal of fear, they moved to their current location, taking their hobby to a consumer scale win- ery, producing two-thousand cases, knowing that this is the path they are supposed to be on. “Wine is so expressive and is such a great way to capture the story of what is happening with each vin- tage and each year. I remember when I was in the hospital giv- ing birth to Ava during harvest of 2013, and Bryan kept leaving the hospital to run home and attend to the fermenting grapes in our basement. Even though I wanted to kill him at the time, I appreci- ate it now because every time we open a bottle of our 2013’s we get to relive that memory. The wines literally tell the story of those fran- tic punchdowns and the birth of our daughter." -Laura Laing Living on-site at the winery, their family lives in the original and his- toric house from the 1550s and have converted one of the barns from the late 1800s into the win- ery. Living on-site also means that Laura and Bryan face the ‘work life balance’ syndrome of manag- ing their business and family life at the same time, from one location. Laura’s view on this is, being able to multitask and deal with whatev- er life throws at you without fear. With a background in retail market- ing for global brands, Laura focuses on the marketing side of the busi- ness, but also makes the rosé they produce; while Bryan is their ‘chief winemaker’, whose focus is on the production of all of their red wines. Their favorite experiences to date are two-fold: the people that they have had been able to meet; but also, not knowing where their path will lead them. 36