Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 34

The Good Life ladies was an idea born from two west-australian mums who found themselves voluntarily sitting on the sidelines of life watching the kids boogie board, rather than getting amongst it. Created in 2018 By friends Belle Lockerby and Julia Kerr as a way to have more fun; our facebook based show focuses on being brave, taking risks and "escaping the mum-dane." Belle, a single mum of two and self confessed coffee snob is a strengths coach and change strategist. She supports entrepreneurial mothers to create businesses that give a good return on energy using simple, re- sults driven solutions. Julia, also a mother of two, is a wine enthusiast, VA, blogger and mental health ad- vocate. Together they are The Good Life Ladies; Two women kicking life goals while juggling kids, business and taking on mum guilt (it happens). Two Mums who stepped back from one F word (Fun) while prioritising other F words (family and funding finances). Two Mums who decided, well, f**k that. We are abandoning the laundry piles in favor of trying things we have never done before. We are everyday women helping everyday women. We want to create a supportive community for Mums because a good bra is not the only kind of support a woman needs and we know that. Having been there and done it (and still continuing to do it). We know how hard it can be. We want to talk about shit that matters to people lik e you and I. We want to create opportunities and talk about maternal mental health and self care. We want to escape the mum-dane, laugh hard and ugly cry when we need too because sometimes you just need to. We want to try new things, share our experiences with you and inspire others to do the same. We want to be transparent and authentic with what we create and to talk to others who are doing the same. This is real life, grass roots storytelling. We want to break down those four walls, leap off that hamster wheel and live those "onedays" right now. We want to be brave and make things happen. We want to encourage you to be brave with your life too - because we only get one. We want to create our own kind of good life. One that fits in business, family, friendship and fun. So here we are. Belle and Julia can be found at @GoodLifeLadies on Facebook, and also in their own spaces: Belle: Julia:  33