Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 33

Belle: We did talk about saying no to naked yoga. There is a studio who does it for body love in Perth where we live. It just depends on how naked the naked yoga is… tually I have to call the instructor back…. Anyway - there are just certain things I don’t want to see in a downward dog pose. There’s no going back.. I’m very visual. *think happy thoughts, think hap- py thoughts** Julia: And space. I don’t want to go into space or small spaces ac- tually. I think its just a matter of feeling it out when the opportunity presents itself, encouraging each other and being brave. Belle: I would. Maybe. Badassery Mag: If people have ideas for challenges, how can they connect with you? B&J: we are currently working on a website but in the meantime they can message us on facebook @TheGoodLifeLadies Badassery Mag: And finally, if you could leave our readers with one piece of advice on living a good life what would it be? Belle: Work smart and create space for adventure. Be brave with being you. Ask the questions that feel awkward. Try new things, you just might find something that lights you up a little more. B&J: And find a person to collab- orate with. It’s way more fun to laugh with another person.  Julia: You could be missing out on something you love. 32