Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 32

Belle: Like being shit scared of frogs (hand up) brave. Badassery Mag: How so? Julia: or wet suits. Belle: I think wet suits make you look like a superhero. Julia: or getting back out there and going on a date, hey Belle. Belle: ummm - yep. That too. We both have different fears though, so its nice to have one of us hold the other’s hand - generally things that scare me don’t scare Julia and vice versa. I think she is pretty Belle: Well, I have this saying that there is great strength in vulnera- bility, and I think Julia is very brave talking about mental health and wellness, and how she shares her own story. That takes a decent set of chesticles, in my book. Badassery Mag: and how does going out and having fun help with wellness? Belle: I figured out short while ago (just before the Badassery Bash in Las Vegas) that I’m experience driven. I want to fully experience life. I think it’s important to re- member who, what and why you are working. How is it helping you to live. Laughter is good for the soul, and as a mother and entre- preneur, things can become iso- lating, which is not good for your mental wellness in the long term. People need people, so it's nice to have a partner in comedic crime to stuff with. Julia: Absolutely. Badassery Mag: So what have you done so far, and what’s on the cards? Julia: Belle held a frog. I’m yet to hold cuddles the tarantula. Cud- dles was busy that day. Belle: Note to self - book cud- dles. We also drove from LA to Vegas in a convertible. That was so much fun. I had never driven on the right side of the road before (we drive on the left). Julia’s hands were shaking when we took off in the convertible so I had to push my “oh fuck fuckity fuck” fear mo- ments way down and channel my inner cool chick. Turns out I have one, and she drives like she stole it lol. Julia: we have also tried pole danc- ing, learned how to surf - Brazilian ju jitsu is on the list, and some- one has suggested the big skinny which is a naked swim in Sydney Harbour. We are basically open to challenges. Belle: Badassery Mag: Are there any “no go zones” 31