Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 31

L iving the Good Life doesn't mean sipping champagne by the pool and vacationing on a private island. Well, at least, that's not the only definition. The Good Life Ladies, Belle Lockerby and Ju- lia Kerr, define it as smashing their life goals while juggling mother- hood, business ownership, and the inevitable mom guilt. Badassery Magazine was lucky enough to chat with Belle and Julia and find out more about how the Good Life movement started and where it's going. ~ Badassery Mag: What kind of things are you doing with your show Belle: Really, it’s just about encour- aging people to be brave with their business and their life and make time to live. As much as I have a bit of a sad story with the loss of multiple family members to either depression or cancer, I’m also for- tunate in knowing how lucky I am to live. I did get caught up in fo- cusing on the business, and the kids, and all the mum things, so this year is about making a conscious effort to create space for fun and be brave - even if that means be- ing awkward in the process. I may be the queen of awkward. Badassery Mag: So like overcom- ing fears? B&J: Yes - sometimes fears are de- signed to keep us safe; sometimes they hold us back from growing and being the best version of our- selves. It’s about breaking out of the stretchy pants that is the com- fort zone. Julia: And both of us have different fears - there are ones which we face around failure - but FVFW&P&RFRW2FB&RƗGFR&P&FVB7BWW&V6W2&F76W's6FVW2rF@RGv6RF6&&FR&VSW"7VW"V2दV'W7G&ƖBW7FǐfVBח6VbgVFRVvǐ7'rgVvW&RWfVFVvƖfP2vrw&VBW"֖G6WB2W7@BW"&W7Bg&VBvg&VBb֖RVVBR6W@bBB6VBRfbFFR&V6FGVגVBगBv2FR&W7BFr6VBfPFRऒfFVBVƖF'&rW"G2@6RFv&vR&&FrvFRBvr6RFW6( B&RЦǒƖRFR6VvR&vP&&FrvR&FBbB6&VB'&WW&V6R&&&ǐ66'f"VƖBFVvBvFRV6&RvRBFrF0&RधVƖB7GVǒW7B&VVvBЦrf"W7W6RF6&&FPvF&VRN( 2&&RFfB6RЦRvv&2FR6Rv0RBvR6fRgVvF6Bv2w&VB'GVG3