Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 28

a Hurricane you must not for a nanosecond feel loss, devastated, or angry as that will cause more bad things to come your way. Se- riously? I don’t believe in a venge- ful God. I do not think Creator and our Angels sit around in the 7th plane just waiting for us to “slip up” and let a non Pollyana thought fleetingly pass through our mind so they can swoop in and serve up a whole pile off whoop ass like a traffic warden watching the clock. I am well educated, I’m allegedly a writer, I have the ability to heal people and make their lives bet- ter. I’m also a life coach and I’m qualified to teach ESOL. I’m a hap- py, positive person and I live in a magical city surrounded by beauty and truly awesome friends. Clear- ly I’m living the dream and every- thing must just flow to me. Right? I mean it’s obvious. A few weeks ago, while being mindful and positive in my head, I finally snapped. I looked in my bank account and discovered I had the grand some of $40. Not for that day or that week. Not until I got paid. THAT WAS IT. I lost it. I burst into tears. I sobbed. I felt cheated and betrayed. I ranted and screamed at Creator. Enough of this crap. I deserve more. It’s not okay that I cannot afford a pair of shoes. It’s not okay that I cannot afford to eat anything but instant noodles. It’s not okay that when I offered free healing that four cli- ents didn’t bother to show up. I threw the cosmic diva strop of all time. pened? I had three job offers the next day. Three clients booked in for healing- and paid. Be happy, focus on the blessings in your life but do not pretend ev- erything is amazing if it’s not. That helps nobody, least of all you. We have the ability to feel a host of emotions. Feel them all. Honour and accept them. THAT’S when you’re being real, authentic and loving yourself.  You want to know what hap- Hi Beautiful. I have a tendency to be super chatty and waffle so I’ll do my best to keep this short and sweet- like me. I grew up in a small town in a family who liked to remind me I was a waste of space and would amount to nothing. I chose to believe that for a REALLY long time. It led me to depression, a suicide attempt, homelessness. Blah blah. Now I’m a certified Happiness coach, a Theta Healing® practitioner, co-creator of Sacred Soul Awakenings, a published writer and I have a First Class (hons) BA. Take that Dyslexia. I live in the most magical city on Earth, Istanbul and I have NEVER been happier. Julie Lachtay 27   