Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 27

I ’m just going to put it all out there now and expose someone I love and respect for hiding behind a mask and not being authentic, with herself, her friends, clients and readers. I’m also going to abso- lutely forgive her and do this with love because my heart knows it’s the way to address this. I’m genuinely grateful for every- thing I have in my life and I can look you in the eye and say that does include the more challeng- ing aspects. I am extremely care- ful about who I let into my world. You can keep the bitching, moan- ing, gossiping, judgmental crap to yourself. I surround myself with positive, supportive, encouraging, inspiring people and I do my best to be one of them. I do my best to live according to the Law of Attraction and I believe in it as whole heartedly as I be- lieve that if I jump into the ocean I’ll get wet. When times are tough I do my best to focus on all the in- credible things and people I have in my life and not to dwell on what I don’t have. I’ve given you so many clues about what’s coming this is borderline predictable but I implore to stay with me as shit is about to get real here and you might need to hear this. It is ME that I am about to ex- pose. Notice how many times I have written “I do my best”? This is deliberate. The truth is it’s not always second nature, I’m human and sometimes I absolutely FAIL to keep it together, to stay positive. As a Theta Healing® practitioner I work with subconscious beliefs. I find the cause of the belief that’s preventing you from realising your dreams and then I change those beliefs so you can get on with hav- ing a kick-ass life. I rarely work with anyone who doesn’t have some variation on the belief that certain emotions such as happiness, love and joy are “good” and safe to express but resentment, anger, guilt are “bad” and must be denied. It sounds like there’s truth in there but there’s a small reason wh y these beliefs do not serve us. We are all human. We feel and therefore need to ex- press and honour all emotions. We cannot fully love and accept our- selves if we are judging ourselves for what we feel. “Focus on the positive, be grate- ful, be patient, keep the faith”. This is becoming a modern day man- tra. Rules to live by. This is where I’m going to start to call BULL- SHIT. Sometimes life really freak- ing sucks. It’s all well and good knowing your beliefs and thoughts are causing your reality but what if right now, your life is a car crash and you’re doing everything you can to change it, with love and gratitude but no matter how hard you try you cannot find the belief that is causing you to choose the thoughts that is creating your mis- erable situation? Then what? I recently found myself caught in this weird cycle of minding my thoughts, concentrating on think- ing only good things and denying what I was really feeling and then getting frustrated and angry with myself for doing so. You can see how this backfires. This is like laser focusing on the belief that you only deserve good things and a good life if you only think good thoughts all the time. So, if your home is wiped out by 26