Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 24

6. Reiki Helps Release the Stress Stress is a by-product of our ridic- ulously fast lives. Right from the time that you wake up to the time you fall asleep, you are bombard- ed with more information than you can ever consume. You need to stop, sit down, and relax. One of the benefits of Reiki is that it can help you achieve spiritual peace, which is peace on a spir- it level. This benefit of Reiki has become more and more relevant as the times are changing. In fact, some studies have shown that Reiki relaxes people who work in high-stress jobs. After a Reiki session, some people feel sad for a day. You may even cry. But, remember that these are the negative energies that are be- ing released from you. That’s Reiki helping you. You are finally healing. 7. Reiki Helps You with Creativity Office work, ads, news, gos- sip, politics, and the list of atten- tion-grabbing aspects of modern life goes on. As the numbers of screens around us have increased, we have no time for ourselves. Creativity stems from a clarity of mind and the power of imagina- tion. Achieving a higher level mental fo- cus is one of the most well-known benefits of Reiki. When you are in a Reiki session, the proper flow of healing energy removes all kinds of energy blocks in your mind and spirit to help you unleash your cre- ativity. Since you are at a height- ened energy state, you can think better, imagine more, and create a fresh new world around yourself. 8. Reiki Helps You Get in Touch With the Spiritual Side Reiki treatments often lead to spir- itual growth. When you are not being bogged down by the trivial everyday worries, you have more mental space to ask important questions. You want to find a pur- pose to life. If you allow Reiki to help you, its techniques will help your spirit be at peace. When your spirit is at peace, you feel emotional tranquil- ity that isn’t easily disturbed. This transformation is essential if you seek a greater truth. If you want to find your life's purpose, you need to be at peace with yourself. Then, by opening your spiritual eye to what the universe is trying to com- municate to you, you are more likely to find the meaning of your existence. 9. Reiki Assists in Recovering From Illness Reiki works with the energy of the universe. A Reiki practitioner sees everything in terms of energy. A long time illness could be associ- ated with a disturbance in your en- ergy field. Reiki may be helpful in bringing it back in balance. Look at it this way. When the mind and the soul are healed, the body is more likely to heal itself. The dis- eases are often external expres- sions of energy disturbances, and Reiki works in balance with you medical providers to help you cor- rect disturbances. Treat Yourself Now that I have shared the many benefits of Reiki, I want to invite you to a complimentary discov- ery call where we uncover what's been stopping you from having the business, body, health--and the life--that you desire. Are you ready to get started?  My name is Neelam, and I am a Intuitive Empowerment Coach and Healer. I use Reiki and Intuitive Guidance to help you and Spiritual Entrepreneurs Awak- en to your Gifts, Transform fears, release energy blocks, Feel Healthier and Em- power to raise your vibration. Plus learn simple yet powerful daily techniques and attract your dream clients or Soul Mate. Neelam Rai 23 