Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 20

the biggest sources of relationship conflict out there and I often think it’s one of the saddest reasons why couples split - don’t let it drive a wedge between you. your quest for success and it’ll be easier to smash through those glass ceilings knowing your part- ner’s committed to raising their game alongside you. You’ve got to get sex back on the menu if you want to feel that buzz of creative inspiration again and remember how your relationship is a big part of your ‘why’. I usually find it’s never just about the money and couples who clash over cash have got some deep- er stuff to explore around their values, beliefs about responsi- bility and childhood experience. Sometimes you’ve got to dig deep for solutions and that’s where the magic lies. And what about sex? Your relationship is a springboard to your success The only way is up… Personal development can bring its challenges too. If you’ve been working hard on your own mind- set and raising your aspirations while your partner remains in the same old place it can start to feel like you no longer desire the same thing. Your goals can easily fall out of sync and your relationship can begin to feel like hard work. It can make such a difference when couples focus on a shared vision - you’ll start to feel supported in When women dive into the ‘mas- culine’ aspects of business like pitching for sales, setting up sys- tems and dealing with facts and figures the softer ‘feminine’ flow within you can become dormant. When you find yourself collapsing into bed in the early hours next to a snoring partner with your to-do list rushing through your mind, switching off enough to get your sexy on is probably the last thing on the agenda. Learning how to harness and chan- nel your sexual energy boosts your manifesting muscles, which can only be great for your business. But aside from that it’s important to remember that the dynamics of sexual exchange are a vital aspect of well-being in most loving rela- tionships. If you can keep the vibes high in your relationship, you’ll be one step closer to living your dream. Laying the foundations together for loving communication, shared understanding, increased empathy and deeper intimacy will help you realise your vision as a feminine leader whatever your business area or niche. The roller coaster ride of female entrepreneurship feels a lot more fun when you’re buckled up with your loving partner right by your side. That’s why my biggest piece of advice for women in business is to create the space you need to draw your relationship back into alignment.  Rhian is a UK based Sex & Relationship Expert, Conscious Sexuality Special- ist and Ho