Badassery Magazine May 2018 Issue 24 - Page 12

Between the planned activities, meditations, workshops and ‘fun time’ there are so many moments that could be written about; but, we are choosing to share the most powerful. Workshops: Each of the five hours of workshops were powerful. Ev- ery single woman had an ‘aha’ mo- ment, were hit by a lightning bolt; or, came to the realization that anything is possible for them (and we mean anything)! The Sister Circle: All of us carry blocks, fears or worries. It’s a natu- ral part of life; but during the sister circle, we each wrote down what is holding us back in some way. We came together and metaphor- ically burned that piece of paper. We then told each other some- thing amazing about them. This was without a doubt, the most powerful evening of the entire weekend! Here at Badassery Magazine, we always say that We Rise Togeth- er; we did, and will continue to do so. The depth of the friendships and relationships that were built over this one weekend will last a lifetime. As two of the women attending said, these can only be described in one word - fami- ly: we have an unbreakable bond through our experiences together that will not be broken. Special thank you to Megan from Confetti + Co for the incredi- ble party atmosphere, retreat co-planning, gift boxes and more!  11