Badassery Magazine March 2018 Issue22 - Page 67

W e get it, talking about a budget, a financial plan or preparing for retirement sounds important but we usually tell ourselves “I’ll get to that later”. The truth is, taking a leading role in monitoring your money now, can ease your stress, increase your happiness, and have a hugely positive impact on your future. The time is now, because if you say “later” it turns into never. You deserve to be a money boss and create freedom for yourself. Your killing it everywhere else in your life, now get your money shit together. We hear frequently from our cli- ents how money causes stress and anxiety. Most of the time, their financial situation isn’t that bad; they’re making decent money, paying their bills, contributing to a 401(k), but lacking clarity. Where is my money actually going? Why don’t I have more saved? Why is this so difficult? You may even have something we call disap- pearing money syndrome! We as women tend to be the heartbeat of our families, multi-tasking be- tween work, family, friends, and other commitments. We don’t al- ways give ourselves and our needs top priority and too often those fi- nancial matters slip through the cracks. ing to create the map that will get you there. Nothing is off the ta- ble here, so dream big! Once you know what your goals are, we can then break down how to get there into manageable practical steps. 2. Know What You Own. Take an inventory of where your money is. Checking, savings, retirement ac- counts, investments etc. 3. Know What You Owe. How much, what are the terms of re- payment, what is the interest rate? Getting a clear idea of what your debt looks like can help determine the best plan to pay these off most efficiently. Spending Habits. Basically- do a budget. Budgets get a bad rap. No one wants to be told they can’t spend money on their favorite things. However, the simple act of putting pen to paper can create an awareness that surprises most people who think they “aren’t buy- ing that much”. Typical areas of over-spending that we see are food and drinks (those $4 coffees add up quickly!), on hobbies (Do you really need more craft sup- plies right now?) and on your kids (maybe it’s time your 16-year-old bought their own iTunes?). 5. Adjust spending habits to meet goals- the ability to track your money and know where it goes 4. Understand Your Cash flow and Here are some top things you can do to start taking control: 1. Write down your goals. Mon- ey on its own means nothing, It's what we attach to it that gives it meaning and inspires us to have it in our lives. Having goals and a plan for your money allows for more freedoms in your life and the ability to manifest what you desire. You must know where you are go- 66