Badassery Magazine March 2018 Issue22 - Page 64

helps classify you as an expert in your field resulting in an increase in the amount of money your vis- itors are willing to spend. Done correctly your site can propel your business forward, however a poorly executed website equates to a negative public image. A bad website does more harm than good.” stated Nahamani Yisrael founder of an inter- net marketing firm that works with business and non-profit organiza- tions to enhance their public image. Simply having a website is not nearly enough, your site must be aesthetic, informational and easy to navigate. It is important to under- stand that your website is speak- ing on behalf of your brand giving viewers an initial impression of your organization. Your web pres- ence must tell your story through images and words. Your site should be able to stand on its own as well as supporting your public image. All too often business owners lose potential business because they chose to design their own website, in lieu of hiring a professional d RЧ6vW"F62V2F7WB67B'WBFB&VƗRFBFW&R7WGFr&WfVVW22vVFW'2ff7FFFV6WFfPGfW'F6rFB6f6W2FVЧFBFW6'VB&fW76vV'6FRW7BfWr6Ɩ62vVখ7GVƗGFR66WB&WV&VBF'VB&fW76vV"&W6V6PFW2FRF7FW"66FW&pFBW"vV'6FR2gFVFRf'7@&W76bW"'&BvP6VVv&GvFRB2vVv'FFPfW7FVBFV7W&RFBW"6FPVWG2FRVVG2bFRVFV6RvV"&W6V6R&r&fW2Ч66V6F2f&2W2Ч6VFf&27V62&r6VW"6VЧ7W&RFBFRW76vR6fWV@F&VvW"vV'6FRƖv2vFFRf&FFB27V&֗GFV@FVFWFWG2FV&&P&WB&r6W'f6RffW"Цw2fVVg&VRF&V6WBF&Ч&WF"7&VF&V7Fǐ'RBS2r3S"'VB&rP66frW"66VFvW&R6R6&W2F2&W6W&6W0BvFRf&WGbf&FFBvVW"'W6W726ЧFG6Vbf"rFW&7V66W72bR&R6W&W2&WB&FpW"'&BBVVB767F6PvrW"&v旦F( 2V"ЦƖ2vRF&VvFR7&VF`7&V266FFfR6Rw&GVFVBg&66F( 066f"7&VFfR'G2vW&R6R&VBFV66FVFW"搧7F'FVBW"f'7B'W6W727&W$7&VF2FW6v6VFW"BFRvRb#"V'0B6R7&VFVBvV'6FW2&fFVB7FrBw&2FW6v6W'f6W2f 6ƖVG2F&VvWBvV&vf&FBWr&7&Vc02FW"bGvWG&&F'VrVR6R7VG2W g&VRFRvFW"f֖ǒBv&rWBfW2FG&fVB&VpWFF'2gFW"FR&'FbW"6V6B6B7&VFV6FVBFWBW vVFvR&6RB&WGW&VBF666R7GVFVB6WFW"&w&֖pB&R'W6W72vVVBB66F7FFR6RFW"vVBFw&BЧVFR7VVFRg&fW"VfW'6G&p("Z(