Badassery Magazine March 2018 Issue22 - Page 6

A Note from the Artist Director As many of you know, I have the pleasure of designing the magazine each month. For this issue, we tried something new. While you'll still read some amazing articles contributed by our community, this month you'll also read some articles written by the Badassery Crew (well, me — to be specific) about some incredible women business owners. But these women aren't amazing simply for starting their own businesses. Anyone can start a business — and millions do every day. What makes them special is each of them has a strong passion and clarity of purpose that transcends their business model. It's not about building an app, making wine, or selling clothes, it's about helping women build businesses they are proud of, creating meaningful experiences for people, and empowering women to live bold and full lives. The stories in this issue are living examples of women showing true badassery and working in their Zone of Genius. Badassery Magazine is more than just a magazine. We are on a mission that transcends the written word. We are about bringing women together in a safe space where they don't have to worry about being discouraged our judged for who they are. We want every woman in our community to give themselves permission to &R&VWBFV"G'VR6VfW26RBv&FV"R`vVW2vFWBv''rvBFW"VRvFvR&RW&RFƖgBV6FW"WvR&6RFvWFW"vBvR&RFr2fVRVG&W&VWW'226'FBvBvRFFF2FPfVFFf"rW"62BFVvFW'2vƗfRFV"ƗfW2vBגFVvFW"Fw&rWvr6R&RW'6Vb&V6W6R6R2W&fV7BW7Fǒr6R2vBW"FrFRFw0FBRW"FffW&VB&RvBRW"7V6vBW"F&VƖWfR6R2vBVVvvFW@6vr6vRFr&WBW'6VbvBW"FvfRW'6VbW&֗76Fv&W"R`vVW2BBfVV&ƖvFVBFƗfR'FW"w2'VW2ऒvBג6FrFBvV&R6&R'&ƖBBFW6W'fRG2b&W7V7BvBЧFfVVWVFvVB7WW&""fW&"vBFfVV2VvW&VBFv&0RbvVW22גFVvFW"FW22R&VBF277VRvBRFF&WBW"7BFRv&BvB2W"Vv7vBFRvBF&R&VV&W&VBf#Bw2FRFRFffW&V6RBvR6'BvBw2W'3PF