Badassery Magazine March 2018 Issue22 - Page 42

you go. What you come up with won’t be perfect. It will be messy and maybe even a little embar- rassing. (I will literally never show anyone the first iterations of our logo. Yikes!) But it will be your messy, embarrassing something. I’ve got 3 tips to help you stop pro- crastinating and start getting shit done TODAY. 1. Something is better than nothing This is not only my motto when it comes to work, but my life motto as well. Any other perfectionists in the house? When I only had 15 minutes or even hour, I worried that there was no way I could pos- sibly do something from start to finish and do it right. So instead of just getting 15 minutes of work done, I did nothing. Now if I have a newsletter to write and I only have 15 minutes, I set it up and write the subject line. If I have a big project to work on and I only have an hour, I do what I can in that hour and celebrate that I’m 1 hour closer to finishing. If there’s a sink full of dirty dishes and I only have a couple minutes, I wash 2 plates. It’s better than nothing! 2. Plan less, experiment more Another bad habit disguised as a good habit is planning. Don’t get me wrong, planning is really im- portant, especially when it comes to a big project! I love to whip out my coloured pens, sticky notes and planner probably more than most people. But planning can end up being a delay tactic. You think that you’ll just get started when you have a “solid” plan but what you should be doing is get- ting a “good” plan in place so you can start experimenting. Plans are great, but self-employment rarely goes as planned. Exper- imenting is way more valuable because it allows you get some work out into the world so you can find out what people think of it. 3. Get feedback it’s time for feedback. As entrepre- neurs, it feels like everything we put out there is so personal be- cause we put so much heart into our work. It can feel really scary to then ask people what they think of it. It takes some practice to grow a thick skin and weed out the grumps from the good criticism. Feedback can be gained from sur- veys, casual chats or even lurking in the Facebook groups where your customers gather. When you get a comment that stings, write it down and put it away for a while. Bring it back out again when the wound isn’t so fresh and you can look it without taking it too personally. If you keep putting off your dreams, you may never get there! So today, instead of coming up with excuses or getting caught up in planning, start with what you have. You’ll be able to make course corrections along the way and your future self will thank you.  Now that your work is out there, Sara Funduk has a passion for helping people achieve their entrepreneurial and personal goals through online courses. She started CourseCraft, an online course platform, in 2012 with her husband Ryan and has since grown an amaz- ing community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are in creative or helping professions. CourseCraft helps them focus on connecting with students and making meaningful experiences. When Sara isn't working on CourseCraft, she can be found hiking through the woods with her toddler, baking vegan treats or taking care of her garden. Sara Funduk 41    