Badassery Magazine March 2018 Issue22 - Page 41

S tart today. This is the ad- vice I always give new course creators when they find CourseCraft. They sign up for an account, check out the fea- tures, read some blog posts and think “Ok, I’ll start working on my e-course when I can afford a bet- ter camera” or “I just need to get through this busy time and then I’ll launch my course.” But you know what? They almost never do. CourseCraft is an easy to use e-course platform for creative en- trepreneurs. When I started it in 2012, I had a laptop, a full-time job, a dad fighting cancer, a software developer husband and a very clear idea of what I wanted. At the time, there was almost nothing like it on the internet. If you wanted to create an e-course you had to build it yourself using an army of Word- press plugins. It would have been really easy for me to keep putting off my little side-project until it was a better time. But I just kept sketching out pages of the appli- cation in my notebook and arguing about the design with my husband. And it worked! We launched with seriously bare bones features. Our first few users were ambi- tious people and luckily for us very talkative. We got to custom build the application for them. Launch- ing before we were really ready has helped us keep CourseCraft easy to use. We could have spent years creating every feature we could think of, ending up with a bloated, slow-moving beast of a website. And even worse - with no feedback from the peo- ple who would eventually use it! Today I have a toddler, very lit- tle free time, a messy house and a million other projects trying to pull my attention away. But it’s still important for me to keep the same mindset I had at the beginning. Work with what I have today and make adjustments along the way. There’s something that I’ve begun to realize too. The limitations with which we built CourseCraft is ac- tually what makes CourseCraft so awesome. We’re not funded by millionaire angel investors, we don’t have a huge team of people and we like it that way. If I had to answer to a board of directors, I wouldn’t be able to answer sup- port emails. If I had to manage a team of people, I wouldn’t have time to manage our Facebook group. Being connected to the peo- ple who use our site is what mat- ters most to me and it’s something that wouldn’t have happened at all if I had kept putting off my dream. So what can you do today to make your dream come true? Just start. Do something. Any- thing. Work with what you have and make course corrections as 40