Badassery Magazine March 2018 Issue22 - Page 4

Letter from the Editor Sometimes it feels unexplainable. That feeling you get when you see something you’ve put your entire soul, blood, sweat, tears and all of your DNA into; start to grow. When you realize that all of those breakdowns, frustrations and even the humiliations are totally worth it. That feeling of being a badass business owner who didn’t give up. That’s the feeling I’m talking about. In 2015 I walked away from my j-o-b without any type of back-up plan. I didn’t have a nest egg or even a side hustle that I wanted to turn into my full time income. I literally had no idea what I was going to do. My cousin lined up a couple of real estate interviews for me, but all I knew was that there was something so much bigger out there for me. I was going to find it. In 2017 I was able to pull in six figures. That my friends, is the most amazing feeling in the whole entire world. I didn’t do it alone though, my incredible Badassery Magazine co-founder Kathy Rasmussen, has been there every step of the way. So have you. Look out world because we are female business owners who will not be stopped. I was once told that I had created a hobby for a housewife. I know that as a female business owner you have a weight on your shoulders and you have to consistently stand up for yourself. The outside factors are often giant potholes and you are always trying to figure out how to fill them. You are building a business in between bus stops and redefining what “traditional” family roles look like. You are breaking all the stereotypes and putting yourself first, finally. You are a female business owner. This issue is dedicated to you. Those bags under your eyes and long nights are turning into dreams. The other side of greatness is in sight and you are it. Don’t give up on yourself when the world tells you that being a woman is your greatest weakness. They just fear how strong you really are. Throughout this entire issue you will find features on female founders and CEOs. Women just like you. Women who stuck it out to beat the odds and said my time is now. They were full of fear just like you, but they didn’t let it chart their course. We all rise together. Look around at other female business owners and dedicate yourself to being their biggest supporter. Don’t waste your time or spend another second of your energy tearing other people down. If you see a fellow business women struggling then this is your chance to bend down and lift her back up. We have a chance to change the world, and we will. Lift your head and look to the horizon. If you are going through a period of darkness and are struggling to see the light, it’s coming. There’s a place for you and there’s a place for all of us. Stand up, female business owner, now’s your time. XOXO, 3 Samantha