Badassery Magazine March 2018 Issue22 - Page 29

N icole Banks is the Chief Pretty Chick in Charge at As a third generation seamstress, Ni- cole creates individual pieces that women can mix and match to cre- ate their own look. But her shop isn’t just your run-of-the-mill clothing outlet. Pretty Pieces is her heart, her soul, and her life saver. With a background in IT and proj- ect management, Nicole loves ev- erything regimented and process driven. She worked for a long time in the corporate world in IT, mar- keting and design. But when she was diagnosed with an abdominal obstruction, caused from years of scar tissue build up after surviving ovarian cancer, and had to have emergency surgery, she needed to find a creative outlet to help her ease the stress during recov- ery. That outlet was her first love — fashion. Eventually, Nicole built her busi- ness large enough where she could focus on it full time but, she still struggled not having a set rou- tine and place to go every day af- ter she left her corporate job. After two months in, she was question- ing her choice. She says, “Being an entrepreneur, you have so many hats. When you work in a regi- mented corporate environment, you do what they pay you to do all day, every day. It’s almost like that’s a comfort zone or safety net. So it was a complete paradigm shift for me.” sponded and said something like, ‘I’m glad to hear that. Can you tell me more?’ and she said, ‘I was lit- erally on the verge of suicide’ but I was doing some blog posts during ovarian cancer awareness month. I was really honest and I was re- ally transparent and she said, ‘that saved my life. Your story kept me going because if you could do this and make it look this good, then I need to keep fighting.’ Getting messages like that trumps it all.” In order to make it work and to feel like she was getting somewhere, Nicole created her own structure and her own team. She didn’t have others to r 䁽݅́͡)Ѽх䁽ͼش)Սɔ͕݅́ѥȁѡ)ͥ́ѼѥՔѼܸIЁܰ9éͥ́́)Ḿѡɽ́ɥд)Ёȁɥ)Ѽѡȁݽݡ݅)Ѽɕєͥ́ɽѡ)̸ͥM̰ͅqٕ役)݅́Ѽ͡Ё݅)Ѽՙt9́ՙ)ȁ݅䁱ݽɭɐ)ٕɍѡ́)ɔȁȁ)]Ёٕ́͡ЁЁش)ȁݸͥ́́д)ݥѠݽ)Ёѡȁ̸ٕMѕ́)ѽ䁅Ёݽͅ)q$Ёѡ)ͅaeԁ䁱dͼ$ɔ+"d) ȁ݅ɥȁ9 ́٥ͥѼݽ͕́ѕ)ѡɽ՝ɕ䁙͡)ɥȁѕ͔ѱݥѠȁ͡ѼȁЁٔ͡)ݡɕٕɥ9́ɔѡЁչՔ́Յ䁅)Ёɥ丁!ɕ͕ɍ́ՍѕѼɔٕѡ́屔)͕ͽ)]ȁ٥ٽȁѥ՝ݥѠQɽ͕͔9)́ЁȁͥѼɽ٥͡ѡѼݽ̸ͥ)9 )͡ɕ̹+ (