Badassery Magazine March 2018 Issue22 - Page 27

T hrough working a wide range of various occupations, Tif- fany Piggée has always been around business, but her passion has always been in beauty. So, when she decided to become a licensed esthetician, she finally found her calling and wanted to help people who were excluded in the beauty industry be included. Tiffany is a third generation cos- metologist. Her grandmother, grandmother’s sisters and many cousins have had their own salons. Even though it was in her blood, she never wanted to be a hairstylist and would have rather created her own path in the beauty industry. Because makeup and skincare was always her interest, it seemed a natural fit to become an esthetician. But her journey was not an easy one. In 2003, Tiffany was sexually assaulted and thought she wouldn’t make it out alive. After 18 months of not working and therapy, she real- ized she needed to be grateful. In- stead of feeling helpless, she used her anger to fuel to determination. Tiffany Piggée Making her story public, she found support where she didn’t realize there would be support. So, when she opened her studio, she wanted to make it a safe space for women to feel happy and supported and share the issues they face. This sharing is where the conversa- tion around ingrown hair started. She found many women were ex- periencing the same issues with ingrown hairs she was. Most of the products on the market were made for men and many were al- cohol based, which was painful and irritating to the skin. So, Tif- fany set out on a mission to find a safe, effective options for women. Through extensive trial and er- ror, Tiffany created Bumpcology® Serum as an answer to the prob- lem many women face but are too embarrassed to speak about. Bumpcology® Serum is an all natural, vegan product that any- one can use regardless of dietary restrictions or religious beliefs.  My background is in cosmetology, sales, and customer service. Which works out well for you because I come with logical solutions to your pressing issues. I'm a licensed esthetician (a pimple popping, body waxer), a mom (cook, maid & caregiver), a philanthropist (I promote human welfare), a Dale Carnegie Graduate (got lots of friends and I'm an influencer), and an entrepreneur (hole filler). Bumpcology® Serum is the result of my almost 13 years as a licensed es- thetician and being someone that has suffered from ingrown hairs since puber- ty. FYI that's my bikini line you see on the home page of the website. So when I say I've suffered from ingrown hairs, I have. My years of experience as an esthetician combined with a ton of research went into creating Bumpcology® Serum. It's an amazing product that is revolutionizing the way we take care of our ingrown hairs. Too often our skin is our largest most neglected organ and I wanted to show it the TLC that it deserves. When we get unexpected eruptions in the form of ingrown hairs or acne we freak out and do more harm than good to our skin.   26