Badassery Magazine March 2018 Issue22 - Page 24

Not only does Kirsten care about her business, she cares about the impact her personal buying deci- sions make on the world around them. The year Raven + Lily started was the same year their family lived at Sunset & Vine in Hollywood. It was also the same year they de- cided not to buy anything new for an entire year. It was during this experience that she realized we are connected as people. “Every- thing we buy is impacting people, not always for good,” she says. “If we slow down and get to know the people behind what we are buy- ing and make a positive impact, we can make a change for good.” The Dickerson family is still con- stantly challenging themselves. After moving from Hollywood, the family bought 25 acres in Austin, TX, did a cleanse of their possessions, bought a couple vintage trailers and yurts, and started a glamping retreat. Now they live minimally with plenty of wide open space and are very conscious of their im- pact as a family and individuals. This sense of responsibility trans- lates into her business and the re- lationships she maintains with the companies artisan partners. Raven + Lily staff are in communication with their partnerships daily and see how they are doing. In fact, they’ve only not been able to visit one, which is in Pakistan, because they weren’t able to get a permit. Raven + Lily has grown into a mutually empowering company — women on both sides are ben- efiting. Not only are the artisans Kirsten Dickerson 23 building their own business and earning fair wages for their work, customers are recognizing their power as westerners and how our buying makes in impact on the world. It brings dignity and honor to the artisans knowing they are mak- ing something that people want to wear and think is beautiful and cre- ates a constant circular empower- ment that represents Raven + Lily.  Kirsten Dickerson is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of fashion and lifestyle brand Raven + Lily. A vanguard for the sustainable fashion movement, Kirsten has established a global network of 1500+ artisan women from 10 countries around the world. Together, these women have created the first fair trade, ethical fashion and lifestyle brand of its kind. As the Creative Director, Kirsten draws upon her background as a fashion stylist to design each collec- tion, which has expanded to interiors, home decor and leather accessories in addition to fashion and jewelry. The designs by Raven + Lily are created in tan- dem with the artisans and allows the company to help preserve long standing traditions in weaving, embroidery, carving, dyes and knitting. Kirsten is an avid traveler, having visited more than 30 countries in her time as a fashion stylist, social justice advocate, and entrepreneur. Kirsten, her filmmaker husband and two children live in the country outside of Austin, Texas. They have a minimalist lifestyle, and are enthusiasts of slow food, slow fashion, and the positive im- pact they have on people and the planet.  