Badassery Magazine March 2018 Issue22 - Page 16

Special Advocates for Children in New York City. Their mission is to, “ensure that children in fos- ter care have their needs met and rights protected; that they move out of foster care and into per- manent, safe and loving homes as quickly as possible; and that young people aging out of foster care have the resources and support they need to live independently.” Charell points out that many peo- ple have misconceptions about youth in foster care. She reminds us, “Youth who are in care are in care because of something that happened to them, not because they did something wrong. So, that’s a very big misconception that I try to correct whenever I can. People equate foster care with a juvenile delinquent and those are two totally different things. Again, you are in foster care be- cause of the people around you had issues, not you. They couldn’t take care of you and handle their responsibility. It has nothing to do with the youth themselves.” By living in her passion and being an advocate for youth, Charell isn’t only bringing joy to herself, she is bringing joy to countless families and making a difference in their lives.  Charell is a journalist and online media personality, contributor and featured lifestyle expert for on-air, on-camera and online video shows and segments. She has contributed to broadcast and digital media outlets such as HARRY, Fox 5 - Good Day New York, NBC 4 New York Live, Marie Claire, Business News Daily, and Second Look TV. She is also the founder, publisher, and writer of “Not Just a Girl in a Dress”, a highly popular lifestyle blog which shares inspiring stories and trending news that help women readers define their own versions of success. Charell Star 15 Charell is also a former foster care youth, and knows first hand the challenges facing the foster care population. She has been passionate about partnering with organizations, advocates, and brands that provide foster youth needed services, support BV6W&vVVBfW"FRV'0FW7Fv&ƖG&W726Ю("Z