Badassery Magazine March 2018 Issue22 - Page 12

and reason Courtney started the business in the first place. Court- ney says, “We incorporate that in everything we do… It has nothing to do with fashion. It has nothing to do with profits. It doesn’t have anything to do with product., even. It is why we exist. And everything from our marketing to who we hire to the way we interact with our customers...and the tee shirts we create all come from that place.” When it comes to company cul- ture, Cents of Style operates in a way that instills empowerment in their employees as well, large- ly because Courtney’s thrown many of the traditional operating rules of Corporate America out the window. “If we are out to em- power women — out to empower our employees, who are primarily women and primarily moms, we need to make it accessible to them the time they have and how they work, we need to make that hap- pen so we lead from that place. We make policies from that.” Courtney is on a personal mission to reframe the concept of Work- Life Balance. She states, “Can we all sit her and just decide that balance does not exist in the current form we are being taught? It will never be perfectly balanced... Can we just agree that this does not work and is a false paradigm? That’s the first step to take. The second step is to redefine it and say that bal- ance is being balanced in the mo- ment. Some days are going to be 100% Mom and some days are going to be 100% business and we are going to own that and be OK with it. But when those moments we are 100% Mom, we are pres- ent and balanced in the moment and that is where our mind is.” Even though Courtney still has challenges in business, she per- sists, and she continues to work hard to impact lives. That is where she sees Cents of Style going in the future — adding value at ev- ery touch point and impacting and helping women in more are- nas of their lives that just fashion.  Featured on and the TODAY show, Courtney Brown is the CEO and Founder of Cents of Style, a multi-million dollar fashion company based in Bluffdale, UT recently named 18th fastest growing company in the state of Utah 5չх]Ё х]Ѡ٥ͥݕɥݽ)Ѽٔձٕ̰ ѹ䁉ٕ́ȁ́ͥѼѕ)́ݽѡЁݡѡ䁱ѡ䁙ѡѡ)ٔѡݕȁѼ́ѡȰݥ < ѹ䁥́٥)ɽѡЁݽɕЁѡѡЁѡ䁡ٔѼ͔ݕ䁽)ѡ͔ѥѱ́Ѽݕɕձ Ё ѹé)͡ѕ́ݥѠȁ͉)Ёѡɥ́ɭ́ݽɭ)ɽͥݥѠȁ͉5ɥȁ ̸ͥ) ѹ ɽݸ()单ͽ屔+