Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 78

to know that it is often quite gen- uine. Music, like any other artistic endeavour, is a rich, moving expe- rience if we allow it in. We seem to have developed the same truncated, almost prud- ish attitudes about passion as we have toward discussing sexuality or death in an open and mature manner. It’s a self-defeating mind- set that causes more problems than it solves. As we’ve seen in the past, repression never ends well. Societal norms can only be changed when enough people un- derstand that ridicule and mockery is just another form of abuse, es- pecially when target of their “jokes” is not laughing. We must honestly look into ourselves to see if we en- gage in such behaviour, no matter how innocent it might seem. We all do it to some degree, but are not always cognizant of the con- sequences. Indeed I’m ashamed to admit I’ve done it myself. If we do not do this, we run the risk of snuffing out people’s passions, particularly among the young. Try to imagine how many future Pi- cassos, Earharts, Beethovens or Kahlos have been driven off their course due to ridicule or misguid- ed pressure to conform to a soci- etal norm. and a foam finger? The road to a better future will be paved those with the necessary passion and imagination to create it. That passion and imagination must be nurtured if we wish to avoid the mistakes of the past.  I’m not suggesting that everyone who dresses up for science fic- tion conventions are great artists, musicians, scientists or explorers, but how do you know one of them isn’t? In the end, what’s the differ- ence between a plastic lightsaber Mackenzie Clench is an author, creative instigator, agent provocateur and gen- eral-man-about-the-internet. He's also the CEO, Scribbler and Fuss Maker in Chief of Mackenzie Clench Creative, helping entrepreneur-shaped humans re- fine their messaging to draw a through-line from the heart of their business to the heart of the clients. Mackenzie’s current project is “Around the World in Eighty Sandwiches,” an Instagram-based culinary cavalcade of sandwiches from around the world. He is also attempting to parlay his linguistic legerde- main into a role as a food writer, since his culinary school dreams seem… un- likely at this point. Mackenzie Clench 77   