Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 69

I ’ve loved magazines since I was a little girl. More specifically, I should say I loved any combina- tion of images and text—my moth- er recalls how I would spend what seemed like hours analyzing every detail on a cereal box, and I always joke that I’d find something inter- esting in a magazine about plumb- ing. My first job was working for my dad’s business, where I revamped his custom car parts catalog to in- clude more of a human-interest element. Even though I didn’t quite understand all the items in the cat- alog, I knew that what we were really selling was a story—one of family fun, of building a car from the ground up, of the thrill of driv- ing it. And that’s what it’s all about: sto- rytelling. More than ever, people are looking for entrepreneurs to exhibit au- thenticity, and to grab us not with their sales talk but with their per- sonal stories. While some of the big name, newsstand magazines are downsizing, indie publications that connect “tribes” are popping up left and right. And you can have one, too! Like many creative entrepreneurs, the path to finding my purpose hasn’t been exactly straight. When I started my marketing business up after being home with my kids, I felt this tug to change the world. But, rather than be empowering, it weighed heavily on me. Rather than focusing on my own strengths and passions, I dabbled in all sorts of missions that called to me but where I just couldn’t find my foot- ing. I’ve realized that my role as con- tributor is no less important than being a thought leader. I see that my true purpose is to be a facilita- tor of helping to create strong, en- during relationships between my clients and their audience through magazines. By connecting with like minded people whose passions are aligned with mine, so that we can create powerful change to- gether—I’ve already seen it hap- pen. Finally, a quote from money mind- set mentor Denise Duffield-Thom- as resonated with me: “You don’t have to be a guru, you can be a contributor.” I realized that I can support the mission of badass women entrepreneurs and help them to get their message into the world to make a bigger impact. And I can do that by pursuing my passion for magazines. Digital is Great, but Print is Power- ful I even created a method to deliver the magazines in a way that elim- inates the time and energy suck associated with big projects like these. A special edition magazine of your own can be an even more pow- erful tool. Think of it as the shiny ribbon tied around your personal story, your client successes and If you’re a creative entrepreneur then chances are you already know that you have a story to tell, and you’re likely already doing it in a variety of ways—through a dreamy Instagram feed, a thought-provok- ing podcast, killer video content, or engaging webinars. Think about it this way: If someone tells you that they have a blog, you nod your head knowingly – it’s ex- pected. But if someone hands you a magazine with their face on the cover, well, that’s something to take seriously. It establishes instant credibility, so you are seen not just as someone who serves a com- munity but the person who serves that community. I’m a Contributor, Not a Guru—and I’m Good with That 68