Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 63

W e are on the cusp of planetary change. Hu- manity is walking the razor’s edge between possible fu- tures and it’s time to decide which future we will write, as business owners, as thought leaders, as in- fluencers, and as humans. Surely, you feel it. This need to make a difference. This desire for IMPACT. That’s why you show up online week after week, isn’t it? Because you want to do work that matters. You want to do work you feel proud of. You want to build your own dreams instead helping someone else build theirs. also didn’t have the complete sat- uration of their mental space with advertising. We’re bombarded by a thousand ads a day, following us across the internet, competing for our hard earned money in a world with dwindling pensions, social security, and retirement funds. Our parents’ dictionaries didn’t even contain the words cyber-bullying, drone strikes, or identity theft. What does any of this have to do with our desire for impact? This is the direction technology has tak- en us thus far. But we, the people who are using this technology ev- eryday, have just as much power to apply these tools to creating change, healing the planet, and making the world a better place - while growing our businesses and online communities. I don’t know if humanity can ever stop warring. It seems to be pro- grammed into our DNA. But we can help those who have been affected by it. We can collectively outnumber, outspend, and We’re experiencing a cultural and economic shift right now and each of us will play a part in w hat future we leave to our children and the next seven generations of life on Earth. I believe that every one of our businesses will recreate what it means to do business in a global economy. That we have the pow- er to collectively do more than our parents or ancestors ever did. I mean, that’s obvious, right? Be- cause our parents didn’t grow up connected to the rest of the plan- et via the internet. Our parents weren’t able to create a business from scratch with nothing but a computer. And yet, we sometimes forget how incredibly powerful this opportunity is. We get stuck in our bubble of the next sale, the next launch, the next webinar, the next email to our list, and forget that we have the tools to rewrite capitalism, competition, destruc- tion of our planet, destruction of cultures, war with other nations, and the psychic damage that all of this is causing. Our parents might not have had the power of the internet, but they 62