Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 6

Note from the Artistic Director Over the last two years I watched this community grow and keep growing. I love seeing the women (and men) grow and evolve in their lives and businesses and embracing their rising badassery. I love watching them become successful. I think each of us has a different definition of success, and we should. Success is unique and personal to each of us. But the only thing that remains constant is being successful has everything to do with embracing your rising badassery. Samantha and I use the Urban Dictionary definition of what Badassery means to us. I know you've heard us say it a million times, but here it is: _ Badassery. noun | bad·ass·e·ry | \ 'bad-¦a-sə-re \ Engaging in seemingly impossible activities and achieving success in a manner that renders all onlookers completely awestruck. I know there was a time when I thought quitting my job and owning my own successful business was seemingly impossible. This like that didn't happen for people like me. I thought the only way for me to be successful was to check all the boxes on societies success checklist. Get a degree. Get a good job. Get promoted. Get married. Have kids. Buy a big house. Buy a nice car. Go to Disneyland. You know, all the things. But all those things ever got me was unhappiness. That was BגFVfFb7V66W72גFVfFb7V66W722&VrBw&FVgVf"vBg&VRg&v66WG60v7W6VBF&RBBW2R6vF6rFW"vVW"76RV'&6pFV"G'VR&F76W'B&VFW&rW'26WFVǒvW7G'V6'7FWrFFBvW"F6RvV&R&6rVFW'2rW"GvזV"fW'6'vRv&V6v旦RWr&6rVFW"V6F&F76W'vRBFW'fWrFVFRF67BW"f'7B&6rVFW"2G"fVƖ6V6W"FPfVFW"bFrFrFf26R6W'fVBW"6VG'f"6WfW&V'2FR"f&6RB2pVrFW"fVRfWFW&2G&6F&6FWfW'FƖfRvFw&6RB7W'BW"7F'27&rBRRvRF涖rW"Bǒf"W"6W'f6R'WB6f"V'&6pW"&6r&F76W'F6rW2FBV6bW26FFR6VV֖vǒ76&R৆PF