Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 59

G rowing up as a young child in the foster care system made childhood a challenge for Charell Star, a prolific fashion blogger, journalist and advocate. For 9 or 10 years, she bounced around between foster care, which are usually strangers, to kinder- care, which are usually relatives or people that your family knows. Around age 11, she was reunit- ed with her mother and was awarded a scholarship to go to a private boarding school in Ar- izona where she learned new skills like horseback riding. From there, she went to college in Boston and started her career in public relations and writing. Her blog, Not Just A Girl In A Dress, started through writing about things she cared about and was passionate about. As she focused on writing about what she loved, she grew a healthy following who loved to read her posts and share them on Facebook and so- cial media. From there, she began to contribute to other outlets, like Business