Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 40

If you don’t believe you can at- tain valuable time with your family while having a profitable business, you won’t. If you don’t believe you can earn sustainable income through your business, you can’t. If you feel undeserving of earning a 6-figure income, you truly won’t. So how do we break past barriers and step into the fulfillment and abundance that our hearts believe we should embrace? Let me offer an exercise for you. A visualization for your future refer- ence. You can add this to your sa- cred thinking and writing space... just for you. By this time next year, how much would your realistically like to con- sistently earn each month? How would that make you feel? What will you do once you see it coming in consistently? How would this impact your life? Your routine? Your family? Your outlook on life? beliefs. Speak those beliefs. Walk in those beliefs and begin to see them manifest in your business as well as in your personal life. Begin to see your cup running over! Begin on the inside to create inten- tional beliefs of abundance. Start to see yourself surrounded by your  Ché Myers is a Business Mentor and Success & Confidence Enthusiast for the aspiring and growing female entrepreneur who is ready to experience free- dom by launching and growing a widely successful online business, making generous income, impacting lives and leaving legacies. Her passion is helping women remove overwhelm, find her voice, and help them step out of ordinary into her authentic, confident self. She wants women to know that you CAN still have the beautiful, purpose-filled business that you envisioned, while living an abundant life infused with passion, purpose and freedom. You simply need a momentum, support, and strategy. Ché Myers 39    