Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 4

Letter from the Editor This is a really epic milestone… In fact it’s hard to put into words what I really want to say. Holy shit batman we’ve done this 25 times! Part of me shifts into wordsmith mode and I think to myself, “a batman reference is the best you can do”? Badassery Magazine is an enormous project and started as a glorious side project, that has now morphed into a brand. It’s hard to say where this next shift will take us, but we are always evolving. For those of you who haven’t heard our origin story, I wish we could say it was as momentous as Solo: A Star Wars Story. Unfortunately we didn’t start with laser beams and beeping spaceships. We are not heroes in the theatrical sense, but Badassery started as small battle cry….from my bathroom floor. In fact, it started because I felt truly pissed off at was I was seeing online. There were too many women claiming to be gatekeepers to others success. Guest blogging was the key to being recognized, or so they claimed. “Just get other people to talk about you and then you’ll be successful”. This struck me in a yucky part of my soul. Apparently there was a lack of build it your own damn self and I was determined to change that. So on a late spring morning while my kids were yelling and dripping toothpaste all over my bathroom, I sat there calmly listening to the blow dryer hum and it hit me. I’ll just create a platform for everyone. Where we can talk about more than a stupid niche topic and the gatekeeper has loose morals and just wants to help everyone. Where the flay lay desk wasn’t a reality and you actually talked about what was happening inside your business. Not just the pretty parts. I immediately sat down on my son’s step potty and typed a rushed memo into my phone. I sent it to my good business bestie, Kathy Rasmussen. She wanted in. 45 days later the first issue of Badassery Magazine was digitally born. The rest is internet history...well at least you can find it all on the internet. If you have a passion, just start. Did we know how to make a magazine? No. Do we now? We are getting the hang of it. You’ll figure out all the pieces in between and it’s okay to show up with some cracks showing. That’s your rising badassery peeking out. Cheers two year and many more to come. Thank you for making Badassery Magazine a community driven platform for women who are here to change the world. We see you and we honor you. We hope you enjoy this issue as we look back at some of our favorite articles over the last two years! XOXO, 3 Samantha