Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 39

I t’s almost the end of the day! I say that with a crooked smile and a hint of up-to-no-good- ness because once I scoop the teenager up from school, I will be in official chill mode, with a glass of wine in hand. Not that the day has been overly demanding, but seriously, who doesn’t enjoy a nice deep full-bodied red wine? this microwave age, we are seeing a revolution of innovation become commonplace in less than a few years. For example, the iPhone is celebrating its ten-year anniver- sary. It has only been around 10 years, and it represents technolo- gy that many cannot imagine busi- ness or even life without. Let me pose a question for you: Speaking of glass… If you saw a glass with liquid reach- ing its midpoint, would you say it is half empty or half full? Yes, this question has been posed through- out time. Seemingly, the rhetorical question of optimism versus pes- simism eludes to an obvious an- swer of half full, right? Now ask me the same question. Being a woman of faith and having a reasonably high outlook on life, I will simply say, there’s room for some more. Keep pouring! Certainly, you can appreciate the purpose of the question being a demonstration of how situations can be viewed from various angles. Is this a two-dimensional matter of either/or, or do you allow yourself the freedom of a multidimensional world of possibility? Let’s talk a little business for a sec- ond. When looking at entrepre- neurship in the online space, many still have a difficult time grasping the ability to make an abundant liv- ing online. I’ve encountered many skeptics who openly shun this idea, believing it to be the talk of some pyramid-scheme. To a small degree, I can see how the idea is still evolving as making a career, earning money online is still a rel- atively new concept. However, in When it comes to plans and goals for your future from a financial point of view, is your glass half full or half empty? in 6-figure annual income. That’s a no-brainer, huh? The numbers don’t look so insur- mountable now, do they? I credit myself as being a smooth, savvy sister, and that’s why I have such a great attraction to serving intelligent, goal-oriented female entrepreneurs who know what they want and are not afraid to go after it. I know my numbers, and numbers don’t lie. So, let me reiterate my question: I’m sure you’ve heard one or more of these phrases recently: “Start earning $5K/month in your business.” When it comes to your plans and goals for your future from a finan- cial point of view, is your glass half full or half empty? “Are you ready to start hitting con- sistent 5-figure months in your on- line business?” (That’s $10K-$99K, for the record…) Do you fully believe in your busi- ness and the transformation it of- fers? Of course, you do. Do you believe you will be well compensated for the value of what you offer? Hmm...that’s the greater concern. “Scale your business to 6- and 7-figures.” Sounds a bit get rich-quickish, huh? Some things sound too good to be true - and it very well could be at times - but I know an intelligent, professional woman like you can sift the wheat from the tares. (You know what it is and what it ain’t!) So, let’s look at this more carefully: $5K/month...are you somewhere in that ballpark now or have you ever been in your traditional ca- reer? Most have hit this mark or have been somewhere close to it. 5-figure months, once you learn systems and strategies, is a piece of lie. If you’re making consistent 5-fig- ure months, you will naturally land Now comes the inner work. Our wealth consciousness and money mindset are both directly related to how we deem money, wealth, abundance, and success, and how we access it. Wealth Consciousness - the awareness of abundance and how to access and create it. This ex- pands far beyond money. Money Mindset – how we view money, based on our experiences and what we’v R&VVFVvB&FvVF666W6W72B&vBW֖G6WB&RVVFV@f"FRW&Wb7V66W723