Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 36

won’t settle for anything less than what they truly, honestly, deserve, that they become their own heroines. Surviving this life just isn’t enough, not when there is so much life that you get to Live! This is my call to arms to you m’dear. Are you taking respon- sibility for your shit? Are you owning your story and own- ing your happy ending? If you aren’t, why not? If you’re not ready to, that’s fine. Just know that it’s the Livers who are changing this world by chang- ing their own. It’s the Livers who have already taken up the know that, while they may not Livers know that the responsi- mantle to create truly incredible feel worthy, some part of them bility and acti ۜ^HZHB]\[][][\[\ˈ[]\]\ӓ^H\H\[\][]\\[X\XK]]H[[X]\HۙHY\X[\H]\Y][]\H]\^H]H]ۈ[\[\˂&BZ\Hܚ][[ݙ\]H]\ۛ]X]\H^B][H]Z]ŒB][H\HX\[[Z[X\[HZ[Z\[ۋY\^\KB[[[HZ[[Y\[]ۙH^\Y[\]XZ[[[\YBY\^X[X\K[\][ۈ[\KI\[\Y[[Y]Hܛ ][H\\\[Z]]HZ\[Y[H[Z\]YY[HX[B[H[][H\HY[[ˈH\[[H\X\\HHY[[\Z[H\XH[ZYH[HY[\X[[ˈ\YHH\[B[H[H\H]I[ܜܘ]H\\]X[\[ [I[[Hܛ[[[XZHX[وX\KIœ[[[YH]\\\[ݙYY[[[Z[K[H[[\Z]\[HX[ۈ܈^Z[ۈHXX Hݙ\H\[KBY]\]\H\XYX[]\][H]]X[H]\[ۈ\H[\X\\[\YZ[H[\]IXZ[[Hܛ[XYKX\[\Z[Bࠈ;