Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 32

represents family. Display fami- ly heirlooms, repurpose heirloom furniture and create a gallery wall of family photos. Home is their comfort zone so create space for family connections like movie or game nights. Leo: July 23-August 21 People are attracted to Leos for their dominance, creativity and self-confidence. Leos like their lairs to feel as regal as they do. Think of luxury fabrics like velvet and silk, quality furnishings and deep rich colors. Virgo: August 22-September 23 One of the Earth signs, Virgos are practical, shy, and careful. Focus on creating a clean, natural zen- like vibe in this space. Go for flat woven rugs, tribal or global ac- cents and fresh plants. Consid- er creating an altar or meditation space to sit quietly in. Kind, gentle and lovers of beau- ty, harmony and peace a Libra’s home needs to feel balanced and harmonious. Libras are known to be deeply sensitive to their envi- ronment and require the best of the best. Think of transitional style, cohesive color schemes, matching chairs and pairs of items as a way to bring balance into the home. Scorpio: October 24-November 22 Scorpios are passionate and asser- tive bunch. Natural-born leaders, Scorpios tend to make money eas- ily but are reluctant to spend it, so their homes might reflect restraint. The antidote to this restraint is to give the space depth with rich, dark tones. Think deep purples, in- digo blue or inky blacks. Play up a reading nook, add in candlelight, a mystery novel and a glass of a bold red wine and you’re all set! Sagittarius: November 23-Decem- ber 22 philosophical views motivate their wanderlust. Eclectic, global, sto- ried and collected are the words that I would use to describe their style. Start with a neutral color palette because this space will be ever-evolving as they add new souvenirs from their travels into the room. Capricorn: December 23-January 20 Capricorns are ambitious, conser- vative, determined, practical and helpful. Nothing is more import- ant than family to the Capricorn, and that must be reflected in their homes. Focus on the family room. Typically drawn to good crafts- manship, focus on quality wood furnishings such as large armoires, leather seating and custom uphol- stery. Capricorns have timeless good taste and see design as a solid investment and I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree!  Libra: September 24-October 23 Sagittarians are curious, energet- ic travelers. Their open mind and Rachel Moriarty is a leading home style expert, best selling author, speaker, brand ambassador, product designer and cohost of the popular Design+Style podcast. Recently, named one of "2018 Most Influential People" in Real Estate Staging, Rachel is also an award winning designer with more than 13 years of experience redesigning the houses, vacation and investment homes of suc- cessful professionals in and around San Diego County and nationwide via her online services. Her work as a photo stylist has been published in several fash- ion and home décor catalogs. Rachel is involved in every aspect of the design process from the initial concept to the final installation. Her specialty is elevat- ing spaces by incorporating her clients existing furnishings and is known for her attention to detail and her outstanding customer service. Rachel Moriarty 31   