Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 24

monkeys does not demand Be- yoncé level machinations but it certainly necessitates finding your voice. Whether you are firmly pur- suing Thought Leadership Pow- er or you are divesting yourself of the commons, getting that icy Hater-Ade means you are distin- guishing yourself and that platform is good. Of course nobody needs Hat- er-Ade everyday. (You’d get cavi- ties!) So when you pause to imbibe Hater-Ade I highly recommend you do the following too: Ask for Reflection Morale for an entrepreneur is holy and not to be fucked with. Ask for support from your soul family to remind you of your awesome, how your skills are needed in the world, and generally how unfuckwithable you are. Wash, rinse, and repeat as needed. The people who truly get you will be grateful for the opportunity to support you. So let them. social media strategist part-time to manage your feed? Check Your Fences When you are on your fifth glass of Hater-Aide in five hours it might not be the sign that you need. You might have gotten the Divine head nod on glass number one. Or three. So affirm your boundaries. Do you need comment moderation en- abled on your blog? Do you need to block the fuck out of this troll on social media? Remember, YOU are your busi- ness’ greatest asset so self-care is not a liberating option it’s part of the minimum viable package. Do whatever you need to do in or- der to preserve YOU. Speaking of which... Then ask yourself, what are the activities of substance that you need to pursue next? What’s the next major ask? Hater-Ade can be off-balancing. Making it even more essential to maintain your center. (Loop back to soul family as need- ed!) Dance Finally it’s time to celebrate your success! You are doing the things you need to do to get out in the world. Revel in this. And remember, Hater-Ade is ab- solutely essential. And it’s a good thing. Jam on with your badass self! Consider the Business Horizon This is typically a sign that you are upleveling. So check your busi- ness systems. Do you need a VA to screen your email and respond to client inquiries? Do you need a  I left an over-achieving, fast paced career in national security to follow my calling as a coach & spiritual teacher. Like some other rainbow charging uni- corn-huggers I do Divine stuff & make magic happen but ground it in practical AF wisdom for the day-to-day. These days I help emerging entrepreneurs ad- vance their life and business through powerful, less tangible tools. When the mic turns off, the most successful people in the world, from CEOs to Olympic athletes, the Oprahs to Steven Spielbergs, talk about the power of their inner voice and the influence of their creative muses. It’s a Divinely-driven super- power you can tap into too! Hop on over to the newsletter & tune in ---> myth- Steph Lagana 23 