Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 23

A lot of newer entrepreneurs I encounter are stressed. Niching down, finding cli- ents, crafting marketing copy, staying in tune with self care and/or staying connected with a spouse and kids, making it all hap- pen without slamming caffeine pills… It’s easy to see why people are ready to pop their tops in the first few years of business. And while you can spend a great deal of time getting the mechanics set up and the systems in place, the truly successful sauce comes when you dig into the emotion- al work and address your internal blocks. This is when things start to powerfully shift as you break into alignment and you get WILDLY into your business flow. But it takes focus. Invariably I see entrepreneurs get tripped up in early phases of their business with visibility issues. It surfaces in the beginning stages when they are making their pitch- es, honing their craft, owning their awesome… It also morphs as they make even greater moves outside their comfort zone, increasing the asks, shifting sales conversations, building bridges with business owners… But you know when the shit gets real? The first time an entrepreneur gets served their first cold glass of Hater-Ade. But gurrrrrrrrl, this is MARVELOUS. I’m telling you. Here’s why contrary to the pan- icked voices in your head it is not only a fantastic sign, it’s critical for your entrepreneurial growth. It means you are out of your com- fort zone Building a business has to be the best spiritual workshop that ever was. Seriously. It pushes every button you have. It asks everything of you. It requires your passionate personal development on top of your professional expertise. Oh, and there’s no break unless you say so. #ThePerfectStorm In light of all this it can be simple for newer business owners to stay small and focus on meaningless motion instead of substance. Get- ting that icy Hater-Ade means you are reaching outside of the known and you know what else is there? Prospective clients and potential profits. It confirms you are visible A lot of business owners will stay in a hermit crab shell for the first few months of business. They walk the same grooves and there’s nothing wrong with this. There is SO MUCH utility in the practic PB7V6vFW&gV&VƖVbf"FPW'fW277FVvB2&"ЦVF22vVvR7FFW&R&FW"Fw&rW"'W6W72@W"&6VƖRRdRFvW@WBbW"f֖Ɩ"Vf&V@&Vv&FW72bvWFW"FBV0FRFW2BFR6WGv&pWfVBFRWFVFVBf֖ǒVЦ&W'2vrW"7&F2"FRVRbW"&fW76ЦG&r7&VFVFvWGFrFB7FW"FRV0RfRWFw&vFRW"6"Ц6RbVRvfRR"&Pf7W6VBFV"v'W6W70'VFr^( fRFVBpVRvFg&VRFRBƗGFRFFbvR&Rv6V2^( fRFVBगB&VfV7G2R&RFr7F@bR&R&BV.(J"B&VVBЦW76ǒGWƖ6FrFRFW7BG&VG0RWfW"R&RFRFW'vV'2vWFrG&0BFW&WBfǖp#