Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 2

Inside this Issue 3 Letter from the Editor 41 Shift Your Mood and Mindset with 4 Simple Words 5 Note from the Artistic Director 45 The Courage To Feel 9 Why Community Matters 49 When Your Bank Account Isn't Full of Unicorns and Rainbows 13 Finding (New) Life as a Cancerpreneur 53 Learning from a Master 17 7 Liberating Things To Do Naked 57 Breaking Through the System 21 Hater-ade Provides Essential Nutrients for Your Entrepreneurial Diet 61 Welcome to the [r]Evolution 25 A Word About (Vulgar) Words 67 Breaking through Digital: Print is Not Dead. 29 Your Zodiac Sign, Your Home 71 A Spiritual Self-Care Routine to Re- duce Mom Stress 33 A Survivors Call To Arms 75 Crimes Of (Possessing) Passion 37 Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty? On the Cover Rising Leaders Dr. Felecia Haecker Page 29 Photos by Terri Olson with Image Outfitters Photography 1